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    Dan's No Fap Journal

    The muscles in your hand are 10x stronger than a woman's vag so desensitization is likely. Also if you're constantly rewarding yourself, there will be no real reason/motivation to accomplish anything since your needs are being met. I would put fapping in the same category as...
  2. J


    great thread
  3. J

    I'm a virgin but I can give advice said on here

    Have you thought of becoming a coach, you could possibly do this for a living
  4. J

    Use a woman's first name as much as possible..

    i think its from a Dale Carnegie book?
  5. J

    "Naturals" that are quiet

    what do you mean by motorboat? like is that when you vibrate your lips to make a Motor sound, and blow into her cleavage?
  6. J

    The Alpha Male Myth!

    i agree haha
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    Trap Of The Nightclub!

    why did plasticsurgeon post get deleted?
  8. J

    A word on chicks, cars, confidence! I did an experiment.

    If you're self-employed, it could be considered an "investment" that would pay it self off. A Luxury Car has the same effect on potential clients, as it does on Women. A Real Estate Broker named Robert Ringer wrote a book called "Winning Through Intimidation" that details the increased leverage...
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    For DJs who follow Objectivism

    good post, should be archived
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    Come look at my koi...

    good post.
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    why is it so hard now?

    great post :up:
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    Hot girls with nasty habits?

    whats snus?
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    How did Brad Pitt do it?

    great post.
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    reyalp's tome

    Good points, especially about the "positive feedback loop". Just curious have you read any books by Robert Ringer? He was a Real Estate Agent, and he had a concept in one of his books about the "Positive Feedback Loop" and how it creates success.
  15. J

    How To Ask For Digits ! The Reciprocity Law

    Back on topic, I think giving the Girl YOUR number is alot more effective for 3 Reasons: 1. When you call a girl, and she's like "Hello, who is this" and you're like "Hey...this is Brian...you know...the guy you met at the mall today" it kind of makes you look "beneath her", and puts you in the...