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    What is Atom Smasher Going to Do?

    I choose both A and B.
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    Decent facebook Gaming *example*

    Lmao marmel, you sick bastard. That was a great advice.
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    POF Because your AA is too much to bear?

    I sarge and also do online. My A.A is manageable.
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    So she helped me upgrade my wardrobe, meaning?

    Why hang out with a chick who is engaged? From your rep, I'm sure so get a lot of girls.
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    How to rid myself of this jealousy?

    I misunderstood what you were asking for.
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    How to rid myself of this jealousy?

    Did she say that herself? Did she tell you she is not interested? There's a saying on here (Don't know who said it), "Make the ho say no". SO unless she opens her mouth and say, "no", then you're not certain whether she is interested or not.
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    How to rid myself of this jealousy?

    Be more sexual with her (Kino, hand holding, demanding more time together) if she's no interested, then move on.
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    Be desire less

    It can be done with cold approaches too. When you cold approach, and number close, you're looking going to date her first right? This is when you apply this. Example he gave me was this; He met a girl when he went to visit hit friend in jail, and she was also visiting. He got the number, but...
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    Be desire less

    Did you read the part I said about kino? Don't be a friend she wouldn't want to smash. Be the friend she desperately wants to f**k.
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    Be desire less

    You are both mistaken. I'm not using her as a reference. Because the one who told me this does not know who Bigneil's girl is. He doesn't even come on this site. I simply tried to jog your memory with it, then tell you what she should have said. I failed to make that clear.
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    Be desire less

    Just as Pook said, "Be desire less". Bigneil made a post about something similar. In which, he wrote about how his girlfriend told him that girls love it more if they kissed you first, or initiate kino first. Though I'm pretty sure Pook's saying didn't cross his mind when he made that post...
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    Cold approach is the telemarketing of the dating world

    Apple and BMW don't need telemarketers. How many people own an iphone or a bmw? Unlike apple and bmw, people don't wear a shirt with your picture on it, saying this guy is great. Girls don't wear shirt saying this guy is a great guy to date. Get it?
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    Girl literally ran way

    At this point, even thats a success to me xD. Shows that I'm improving.
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    Girl literally ran way

    Did you read my reply to pipe007? I thought so :D
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    Girl literally ran way

    No, it was not a liquor store. It was an accessory store.
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    Girl literally ran way

    I did went for a number close. She would only give an email due to us being strangers lol.
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    Girl literally ran way

    The one who ran, left. The email success was from another approach.