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    The 1 simple thing you can do to improve your confidence in life

    Not only is it a psychological boost by giving you euphoric confidence every time you see an improvement in yourself; But combined with basic appearance improvements it will make you much more attractive to women. It doesnt matter about the difference between 6 foot at 170 pounds and 200...
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    The 1 simple thing you can do to improve your confidence in life

    How much do you bench/lift etc. Do you get compliments on your physique? Do women notice you? The appearance and confidence that comes with it will make it easy. If she is attracted then all you need to do is not put your foot in your mouth. The classic chit chat is all that is needed 99%...
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    The 1 simple thing you can do to improve your confidence in life

    I have doubts this message ever reached the people here. Real men dont sit around discussing techniques on talking to women and attraction all day. Leave it to the females to do the overanalysing of every detail. Once you make it in life you find that you need to do the opposite of these...
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    The 1 simple thing you can do to improve your confidence in life

    Work out at a gym lifting weights. Any man that is not satisfied with his social life can do this to see results. It will make guys respect you, and women become attracted to you.
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    Field report friday night

    Usually what works well with guys if you give them a wink during eye contact and put your hand on his hip while telling a funny joke. If he likes it then you can go straight ahead and give his tight ass a little squeeze.
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    I'm better than you.

    Wouldn't be so optimistic old acquaintance. I stopped reading this forum because I outgrew it and became bored. Next time try to close the situation and report it, instead of speculating that she was interested/attracted to you. Your last post is not great either in my opinion. Why do you...
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    I'm better than you.

    Health staff are trained to be polite and friendly. Maybe she thought you were annoyed and was trying to ease your mood? Being rude and disinterested to someone that owes you nothing and isnt obligated to talk to you is never a sufficient and sustainable tactic. There are many ways to skin a...
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    My Ex still calls me...whats up with that?

    The power of islam, making men act like men. What kind of married woman talks to her ex? I applaud the new man. However this is different from the case of the OP, he is not yet over her and still wants to bang his ex. Concentrate your energy on new girls OP.
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    Wearing pink

    Im not 100% sure it has been a long time, but i think this guy goes to gay clubs and is affiliated with a lot of homosexuality. His opinion on pink t-shirts may be flawed.
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    Pls don't roll your eyes as you read this one - it'll help me in the long run

    Dont feel bad because at this point nothing matters and it makes no difference. Sometimes a girl just isnt interested enough.
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    Met my BPD ex

    In this thread we confuse the meaning of BPD. Being still interested in having a relationship with a girl who is no longer is interested in you = BPD. Not moving on completely and replacing her with a new significant other = BPD Thinking there is a way of seeing an ex look attractive and not...
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    Don't know what I want.

    Maybe you gay bro. Try going to a gay club and dancing with some cute guys and if you like it then problem solved.
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    Goodbye Sosuave, I´m turning gay!

    What the **** did i just read
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    Windy City Chronicles II

    The level and style of your game is very strong. Great confidence. I have a request. Can you talk a bit about going solo. How did you get into it, how did you adjust and improve? Often i get too conscious without a wingman in a situation with 3 or more girls, or for extended periods of time...
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    Dbot king of quick lays. Followup you're gonna love this

    Watch out for keyboard warriors like this. Dont take advice from someone not qualified to give it. Throwing yourself in the deep end is the best way for everything. Only advice you need is to do more god damn small talk. Talk to the girl for a few minutes at least before you pull out a crazy...
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    I'm playing hardball, but she won't make contact.

    Too much thought put into this. Too much watching her every move for interest. Yes it is ok to ask her out.
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    The club is a terrible place to meet women for me.

    How can you say you are confident? You dont know what confidence is. You went up expecting to get rejected and 'knew' that these girls would never give you the time of the day and would not be interested. This is as low confidence as there is, it doesnt get lower. There is nothing...
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    Going direct, FTW indirect is BULL****

    What the fffuk? If it never works then why would you keep doing it? You're doing it wrong. Direct is good if the girl is interested straight away. Otherwise you are putting yourself in a very bad position that is difficult to get out of, and risk losing something that you may have got...
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    if she asks you about other girls

    Evasive action is good, but you are over-analyzing heavily. Over analyzing can be picked up by women using hidden antennae. The opposite end of the spectrum. This answer is also not sufficient. There is wisdom that they wont teach you in school, you learn it on the field and from a wise...
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    Need advice-possible last chance to get ex girlfriend back

    Its good to see bigd1ck and pen1s helping eachother out here.