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    Wow! Completely called out on my own games

    Great post!!! Tons of insightful feedback! Been away for some time...good to be back! I can definitely relate to this. Started dating a new woman a couple of months ago. Her interest level is much higher than mine...she gave me her phone number, unsolicated, and asked me to asked her out on...
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    The smoothest thing you ever said to a woman!

    I was once discussing favorite pastimes and hobbies with a beautiful co-worker. At some point she asked me if I deer hunt. I just smiled at her and answered, matter-of-factly, "Yes dear(deer)." The look on her face was priceless.
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    My Pet Peeve

    I'm saddened by this post. What is this forum about anyways???????????????????? Are we all such knowledgeable DJ's that we can ignore pleas for help????????????? Shame on sosauve.com...sure, many helpful posts are available to those who are familiar with this board. Many people looking for...
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    3 Types Of Woman - a little humour - and a Simple Truth

    Great post Maximus!! Interesting how you suggested that of all the women I see, your choice would be 'X'. She has been away for over a month(3000 thousand miles removed from me), visiting family and friends. She phoned me, out of the blue, from 3000 miles away the other night. We talked for...
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    Help me get my head on straight!

    Great post!...excellent points from all sides!! A quick take...there is no right or wrong, cut and dried here. Each situation is unique. Women with children can prove difficult, no doubt, for numerous reasons. On the other hand, I've usually found them to be much more stable, down to earth and...
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    Who "enjoys" approaching women?

    Interesting post. Pook, as usual you make some excellent points. Bsahful, I agree with some of what you say, but I feel your pessimism is clouding your overall outlook somewhat. Myself...I love approaching women! I actually prefer approaching a female stranger over a male...big time. I find...
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    Signs of High Interest

    Women in general can exhibit many signs of high interest...smiling, eye contact, touching, accepting dates, etc. Probably, in most cases the woman is being genuine and actually does have high interest level. However, lots of women today have become increasingly adept at faking high interest...
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    Hand Kissing???

    Interesting post. I had never done it or ever thought about it until the other night. I was out at a dance club with some friends. A girl I had never met until recently was sitting at a table by herself. I sensed she was very depressed over something. I approached her and asked if she was...