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    NJ Master Mind Group

    Fellow NJ Djs, et al, The deeper you dive into the whole concept of self improvement in dating and any other areas of life, the more relevant it will become to you that a support, reference group, of like minded individuals is key to success. A quick search revealed that no such group...
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    when she asks u are u seeing anyone else or have a gf. how to respond?

    ^ 2nd "i like to keep my options open" in a C+F funny tone, your body language must do all the talking
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    Fiday Night (Black friday) I meet up with a wing from SS.net we hit the mall to try to practice some day game couldnt have picked a worse day lol everybody is running around shopping, also we both arent that great on day game either so after strolling the mall for a few without any success we...
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    Thursday Night -Thanksgiving Night (ONS ALERT!) So after spending part of the night with the Fam and having dinner and some whine i head out. The night beggins as it did Wednesday night. I met the same people at the same place around the same time. Now I see the girl isnt even talking to my...
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    Some crazy Thanksgiving weekend ia had lol Wenesday Night Since I had no work for the rest of the week and school being lite i was pumped about the weekend. After work I head home and take a sweet nap, get in the mood by blasting some club music, some bodka and cola and some fresh clothes. I...
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    Inner Game

    ^2nd. I'm following DD's inner game program. when I'm done i will have gotten rid of all my insicurities and negative spycocholical preconditioning i've been subject for the past few years that really fvcked up my head. it's really a state of mind with little regards on dataing. it's your...
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    If you ain't got a girlfriend or have trouble getting a date...

    OP, just because this situation is your personal experience, it does not make it the norm for everyone. Sorry but I'd say you're the exeption. There are so many ways to project yourself being single in positive and atractive ways. Your advise does not flow with the real knowledge burried in...
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    yrock181's bootcamps journal

    i failed on week 3 so when you get there we can go at it together just PM me when you're ready, i've been slacking a lot, but i'm sure i'll get motivated with a 'lil competition
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    Am I boring? =O

    should definately help if you break away from the black those links are pretty good representation of what's "trendy" out there
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    I told her I am seeing some one else...

    wow i planned it perfectly lol worked like a charm 5 weeks of no contact...it's so over lol although it still sucks and gets me down once in a while im nowhere as effed up as I was when I wrote all of the above i can feel the detachment happening, feels bitter sweet i did find out she was...
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    wow it's been a few weeks, time fliees Following Broken Dream's advice i started PMing every one around my area, a few replied but when it came down to businiess to meet up or set something up 99% of DJs flaked? I was loosing hope. I contacted a DJ from here (DJkid) and we met up and he...
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    Need A New Jersey Wingman....

    contacted you guys..lets get this gooooing!!
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    Need A New Jersey Wingman....

    Guys lets get together, lots of us in Jersey, plenty of ish to do. Im in newark and will drive all over if anyone is interested.
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    I told her I am seeing some one else...

    damn...Im weak!! I am feeling really depressed right now. I feel really guilty. I sent her a text message saying " I lied". Minutes later I get: "i dont give a fvck. leave me the hell alone" looks like I got what I wanted lol I feel like sh1t..:(
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    I know. I dont know anyone yet to become my wingman. I lost all my guy "friends" because of my break up..they chose her over me. Thats OK though, I'm working on it. :)
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    10-26-08 Saturday night, I went out by myself again to different town so that I can let myself loose easier. I started drinking early at home before I left again. To sum it up I went to 2 venues, the first was a Salsa club, which I thought it'd be easier being that im hispanic myself but no...
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    To continue my last post, that day I ended signing up for Salsa Classes lol. I didnt try anything with the girl at the desk because I'll seeing her everytime now. I talked to another girl from my class the next day, not my type at all but just for practice. Friday I went Clubbing solo after...
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    deep breath.....here goes. My Journal

    Today I followed my same route: I have like 30 mins to do my walkaround before class starts. Get into School -->main lobby-->cafeteria-->library--computer lab--Class I didnt nocite anyone special to intrigue me and say to myself "I must talk to her". I go to a predominantly Black school, and me...
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    I told her I am seeing some one else...

    PS. Any more takers on this?
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    I told her I am seeing some one else...

    I see your point. It was something that she didnt explicitly stated but got across at some point. Agreed, I think that's making me doubt at times whether i made the right thing for me. The thing is that in our last serious conversation, she put the options on the table, which were to lay low...