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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    yeah ok so at the very least you admit that they are creating inflation, and now that some form of recovery is underway they actually could prevent the situation from getting worse BUT does anyone think that the political will exists at the moment for the government to reverse its stimulus...
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    the hottest women I sleep with are sluts

    Hi guys, I got a little story I want to share and I would appreciate your comments/advice. I've been seeing two girls over the last two months, both of them 26 y.o. asian hotties (one chinese, one taiwanese). The first one I started seeing is a work colleague, who I just started hanging around...
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    What would you do if you had $500k?

    DON'T invest in Government Bonds unless u want to be wiped out. I mean seriously, if I owed more money to ppl than I could ever reasonably hope to pay off in my lifetime, you wouldn't consider it a safe investment to lend me money I would think. Look at the picture from a historical...
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    Girlfriend Cried And Left After Sex!!!

    yeah its happened to me... young girl - 1st time (well, 1st time conscious... she admitted to me that she had gotten drunk, passed out and been raped before - silly girl) Same scenario too, I let her on top but she didn't know how to do it properly, (plus she was really small, and had a tiny...
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    Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions

    str8up I got respect 4 u and Deep Dish both u guys are Gods of Pvssy but on this topic u got 2 be dreaming. Luthor Rex, Celente isn't some kind of superstitious soothsayer, he's a trend analyst who looks at the current train of events and calculates based on the speed and direction of events...
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    recession proof jobs

    I applied for two jobs last week... the 1st interview I went to they handed me a contract to sign str8 away, no questions asked. At the 2nd interview the employer almost cried when I told her I had already accepted a position. Therefore, it seems safe to say (at least in Australia) that my...
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    Super scrawny guy. Need help =)

    At 24, you will probably experience a dramatic change in metabolism pretty soon. Every skinny person I know began to pack on some pounds after about 25 (same thing happened to me). Start training now so that you when you do put on bulk it will be in the form of lean muscle mass
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    so no one can refute me? or no one cares?
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    Beginners guide to becoming WEALTHY

    There are opportunities for everyone to create wealth and become rich, as American history proves; but there are also consequences for living the high life off the sweat of someone else's brow. Americans are now paying the economic consequences for allowing their society to drift into decadence...
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    jump squats holding DB's to help w/ heading home corners side to side ski jumps to help you side step a hairy gorilla defender Lunges DB step ups bridges I read somewhere that leg adduction excercises will help prevent groin injuries
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    I Need a Remedy for Cold Hands

    QI GONG : #1 effective remedy weights and cardio are also gonna help your circulation
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    A few not so random quotes

    "the less people know about how laws and sausages are made, the better they sleep at night" - Otto von Bismark
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    random girl from my class stalks me down

    hit the gym with her, get all sweaty, then take her home for some "stretches"
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    "Are you attracted to me?"

    pfft, if you are actually handsome and in good shape, and you reply with Lexington's "don't flatter yourself" line you will offend her and come across as arrogant (yes this has happened to me). Don't be afraid of your feelings, own them like a man. DonJuan11's answer defuses the situation:- Just...
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    women have better chance of finding job?

    I agree, a lot of discrimination out there against men these days. It's like, men see other men as threats and women as potential dates women see men as threats and other women as potential friends so its much easier, no matter who is doing the hiring, for a woman to get a job. I have been...
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    anyone pickup callgirls?

    I somewhat disagree... for a guy who is a virgin, its a really good way to get the initial awkwardness out of the way and get the ball rolling. Some of the greatest womanisers in the world started off by f*cking a hooker at a young age and getting comfortable with the principles of sexuality.
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    If you think looks don't matter...

    Everybody says its common-place to see a smoking hot babe with an average/ugly dude, but I just don't see it. I do see the world through different eyes than most you guys:- I grew up with 3 sisters (no brothers) raised by a single mother, so I began to understand very clearly how women percieve...
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    ElStud gives a little more advice on approaching.

    Well I have a social circle... for ages it was just us lads then somehow these chicks started hanging out with us. All my mates started dating these ho's, tbh I think they're pretty ugly, but they got hot bodies and mad confident attitudes (they get pedastalled by my afc friends). Anyway, yeah I...
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    In need of a sweet winter hat

    get one of those sort of caps with the ear flaps, like a hunting cap or whatever, with velcro for tieing up the flaps under your chin, but instead attach the velcro strap on top of your head, and wear it so the brim of the cap faces backwards.