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    Night Game is Dead? Yea, and So is Day Game

    For those fortunate enough to be in the top 20% : Congratulations, whether or not social tech totally changed game as we know it, it doesn't affect you at all. For you, nothing changed, since their attention will still gravitate around you by just being you. You might not notice or care if...
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    I'm depressed, and girls are hurling themselves at me... The f*ck?

    Is that depression? You have to be kidding me. That is not depression. Anyways, Congrats, you seem to know how to get it all together. Preselection by that 9 helped out a lot. It's the full vs empty restaurant effect.
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    Its effects?

    It was 6 years ago, I would never try it again. I felt like I was totally broken and that the only way out was to end it right there. It was a case of feeling totally hopeless and I also isolated myself from everything and everyone. It was a deadly mix for somebody with depression. I took a year...
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    Its effects?

    Very mild asperger? Well I have a case of 10 years of physical and mental abuse. Never fully recovered from that. I can't communicate freely on my native language because of leftover issues. I was put into treatment for two suicide attempts. I was deemed too broken to even make deep connections...
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    No. I won't get an iPad. Ipads in Colombia are too expensive and too flashy, they all are theft magnets, you'd get killed for one in the streets. Besides, I'd need a tablet that can go guerrilla and that can fit my needs and reprogram if possible. I'll go for Android-based, thank you.
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    Women & Texting Is Out Of Control

    You could build a 5M cellphone jammer for less than 10 dollars, it's not a big deal. The reading idea is also good.
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    Clothes! What do you rock?

    Mostly jeans, unless it's something more formal. I also wear normal dark-colored shirts and usually a telnyashka underneath.
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    The End of Facebook

    I'll get a date with a HB10 before Facebook gets taken down. They provide a service tailor made for scalability, they expect heavy traffic. On top of that, their servers are not on a single place, I assure you. See what happened when those ignorant punks at anonymous tried to take Amazon down...
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    Society is fvcked

    Russian women,submissive? Ever heard the expression: "A Russian woman will stop a train on it's tracks and a mule at fullspeed"? They're certainly very mature, even from a very early age. But I've not known a single one that qualifies as submissive. Same for Brasil. And most societies are...
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    Why do us guys, men, have to be perfect everything in order to get girls?

    Because the dating market is terribly skewed. And to top it off, the dating venues are FULL of men and almost no chicks. Go to a club, what do you see? Men, men men. The women there are too interested in their smartphone or are there with a 6'8 260 lb man-bear-hybrid boyfriend who will tear your...
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    Dont really know what's wrong with me (rant)

    Keep trying, bro. I've been stuck in the same spot for 6 years and have not progressed at all. If you find a way out, let me know.
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    My long lost 'dad' found me on facebook.

    My half sisters contacted me last year through Face****. Turned out their were (and still are) delusional, angry and resentful psychos. They wanted to contact us(my brother and I) to turn us against our own family. Also, her mom wanted to kill us for a very long time, but she's too ill to do a...
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    Got rejected by a Below average looking girl on Facebook. Ego took a hit.

    whoa whoa, dude. kakogo chyorta!!! What the hell were you thinking? If game on real life is like playing against a loaded hand, gaming on Facebook is like playing against somebody with the deck on his pocket. Even a hideous landwhale will get a heap of praise from really dumb guys. you're...
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    Cities around the world

    I live in Medellin, Colombia. Unless you want your parents (or friends) last memory of you to be trying to recognize you in a Morgue at the HSVdP, don't even think about setting a foot in this ****hole. Whereas your peaceful city gets 50 homicides per year, we fill that up in a single week...
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    I'm too good for women.

    Weren't you on PUAHate forums spilling anger and frustration all over those ugly boards?What are you doing here?
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    What kind of travel translator should i get?

    The way Russian is pronounced and the inherent complexity of the grammar will make any electronic translator to shame. It won't work man.Nothing short of black magic sorcery will translate something well enough. Believe me, I'm learning Russian.
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    Long term effects of not having friends?

    No friends? It's a bad idea. I was on the brink of suicide a few years back because of that. Thankfully, I found friends who really appreciate me. You don't really see those kind of advantages when you're on the bottomless pit of despair. -SDK
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    Travel or Save?

    Give yourself a nice trip to Cancun on spring break. BINGO!
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    Need Some Advice - Procrastination

    Personal advice, worked for me: 1- Divide the task into many smaller steps, then do it one by one. 2- plan ahead. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 3- Use an egg timer, and then try to beat it by not releasing focus. To be honest, any kind of timer will work. 4- Recondition yourself : Take...
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    Can one survive in this day and age without a cell phone?

    I have a hacked phone I use to watch the time and run code. It has no simcard and I can't use it to send or receive calls and on top of that. Hey, I'm alive.