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    Authentic Confidence

    You're a wise man Fingers, and I thoroughly enjoy your posts, you have an excellent attitude that alot of people on this site could learn from. One question: The first time I was introduced to the concept of shutting down the internal dialogue was in a Carlos Castaneda book, I think it was...
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    What percentage of females that aren't relationship worthwhile

    Five percent is a reasonable and realistic estimate. When I think back in my 33 years of life I have met mostly game playing, attention hoes and pro daters and the like, one has to be on his toes constatly to weed these bythces out.
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    Sharing 25 years of dating wisdom...

    Unkown Don is spot on, brilliant, flawless post, I hope more people on this site read this, understand it, and apply it.
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    whats best way to tell a girl that you dont want relationship?

    Exactly. Feed them the same shyt sandwich that they feed us when they wanna get out of something.
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    What's the true reality about bald guys!!!

    Fvck her and fvck her opinion!! If you want to shave your head go for it, don't let some b1tch dictate your actions, it's your fvckin business, noone elses. She doesn't like "baldies" she can take a fvckin hike. edit: This is just one girls' opinion, there are others that like the bald look.
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    8 types of women to avoid at ALL COSTS.

    Great post sux2bu, interesting & informative.
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    in the end....

    Good for you, you did the right thing, just don't relapse and start making contact with her again.
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    Mind games? What is goin on here?

    Maybe she thinks you're a d1ck now that you : a) Brought a friend along to what was supposed to be an intimate evening b) Didn't pick up on her signals (I want you for my birthday) Give it another shot, don't bring anyone with you, and try and be more perceptive to her signals, act...
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    Is this really affecting my image?

    Duke, would you say that this law of contrast and association applies to everyone? Seems like you assume that people have no clear idea of what they find attractive in a person regardless of who may be around at the time.
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    Please consider being a little more strict

    Firstly, my sincere apologies to all mods who had to endure reading the "dont use anti-perspirants" thread, while I didn't post it, I did post something out of anger that I later edited but alas I was quoted lol Secondly, I really think there should be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to...
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    "Stay Single"

    There's nothing wrong with marraige in and of itself, women fûck it up. As noted by clouseau most women will cheat on you in a heartbeat. ------------------ "Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives. Hence, the countless...
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    For the people requesting cool backgrounds/sound effects check the link up top in my previous post, this program has some nice backgrounds and can dump the output to a .wav file on your HD that you can later convert to mp3 and burn it on a CD if you want. ------------------ "Conclusions arrived...
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    My view on why women like dumb men they can SCORN.. READ it!!!!!!!!

    Scorn, yea that would be accurate for some women. I think it takes only one bad relationship for them to damn us all as walking dildos thats where the scorn and contempt comes from. As for looks I agree, some not all will think great body? must be dumb as a brick; however for *some* women their...
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    Living together with your girlfriend

    Thank god for VBG, I'm glad as fûck you post here, and hope you'll continue even after you get married. You give (me anyway) guys that are looking for a prospective life-mate some hope in the face of bitterly insurmountable odds that are stacked against us. Only done this once, and it was a...
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    How do you get a girl to cheat on her boyfriend?

    Maybe. It could also be that she's a cheating hoe. You could be doing everything right and some women will still cheat on you just for the thrill of having new c0ck. I don't cheat if I'm in a LTR and expect no less of my woman; the girl Dutch is talking about here is a sorry ass, cowardly hoe...
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    Don't Overcompensate for Having Been a Nice Guy

    When guys first realize 'omigod what the f*ck was I thinking??' in various situations where they were manipulated yes, they will tend to turn into *******s and be hard on themselves, and others. It's inevitable I think, and just a (hopefully) temporary phase to acquiring the necessary...
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    Judging compatibility for an LTR

    Tesque, that is so true. It's all about status for women. Something they never admit to; it doesn't even phuckin matter who they marry, it's what it represents to them, and how 'elevated' her status is among unmarried peers. ------------------ "Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very...
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    Over 30 DJ's

    I'm 32. Once a woman hits 30, they are usually burnt out in one way or another, this is due to the fact that they do NOT beleive in consequences or repercussions of their actions. They are brittle and unbending in their thoughts when compared to a man of 30. If they aren't married by that time...
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    Quotes to live by

    "When in doubt, fûck". ------------------ "Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives. Hence, the countless examples of people who have the clearest convictions and yet act diametrically against them time and time again; and...
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    This is a great tip, I encode 'brainwave' files on my computer for the same purpose, and yes it really does work. I do a 20 minute session of crashing waves sound effect with some positive affirmations I recorded (they can be barely audible and still work) in the background, the effect...