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    After the cat's in the bag: Questions about the game after p/u & a tip.

    Charlie, It doesn't sound to me that you're doing anything wrong principly. I am wondering though, to what extent are you occupying yourself with your personal interests, hobby's, career and your future when you're not seeing women? Doing so in a big way is quite important in keeping out those...
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    This should go without saying, but keep your thoughts to yourself.

    May I second this? The minute women outrightly know you're a "player" (they'll always call you that, even if you are not), you've hurt your ability with them. You'll be know as "dangerous" and unreliable, and in their minds they will immediately be a definite slut if they engage with you. "He...
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    "Sexually Invisible?"

    Well, I can't believe I did it but I had to see it with my own eyes. Indeed, Luke's been posting a lot at this Enotalone.com site. The nature of that material is even worse than what he's been posting here. It was also very insightful. So was that little explanation about the alledged schism...
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    "Sexually Invisible?"

    I'm sorry, I like to be respectful and understanding to everyone, even Luke, but with every progressive post by him I feel more and more like my leg's being pulled. His last one just tipped the scale. Luke, I have no way to know this for a fact, but I believe you are a troll. Most likely you...
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    "Sexually Invisible?"

    Luke, right now, the only smoke screens in your life are made by you and your self-defeating excuses. With the blame you put on others, you merely demonstrate your denial of self-responsibility. YOU are the creator of everything in your life, even luck. No one else is. Remember that. Get help...
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    How do you respond to.... Wat?

    Interesting question. I'll be browsing on a masculinity forum and this guy puts up a thread asking what to do if a meaningful silence coupled with positive eye-contact occurs mid-conversation with a girl he finds attractive. How do you respond to that? :D Wht, it's quite simple. If you're...
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    "Sexually Invisible?"

    Luke, I can't even begin to state and analyze and explain all the things that are wrong with your situation and thinking, but I'm sure as hell going to try... With "an attractive girl" I didn't mean to say what you just assumed: someone "attractive" according to the general standard. No, with...
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    Shy girls

    Normally I would agree with Mr. Me. However, so far I've experienced three girls/women who displayed similar characteristics as Radharc's woman and one was interested in being friends, the other was interested in being more than friends and so was the third. Yet all three exhibited behaviour and...
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    Curses! She's got the herps.

    Gents, no disrespect to anyone but the amount of ignorance in here is staggering. There's a whole world wide web out there with info on oral herpes (cold sores). Not to mention that this topic has already passed on these boards not too long ago. I suppose laziness is a new Man's quality, isn't...
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    Are you willing to lie?

    I do not lie. I simply do not reveal the truth or invent another version of it. Of course, this requires one to have an excellent memory and not too many plates... :p Yes, I lie. But is lying bad? I don't think so. As Logical pointed out, many people cannot handle the truth. We on this forum...
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    How To Have Sex With Her Again?

    Hey Trinidad, I don't know you, but it still hurts me to tell you the following. Though I believe it hurts no more than you already hurt yourself with your actions. You demonstrated low-class behaviour unbefitting a man. You say you lost control but it seems that right now you are still out of...
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    "Sexually Invisible?"

    Alright, not much time right now but as I skimmed through the new posts I noticed this: Luke, whatever your problem is, DO NOT WORSEN IT BY DEGRADING YOURSELF LIKE THIS. Don't get laid with a woman you find revolting because you want to solve your issue. Trust me, it'll not solve your issue...
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    "Sexually Invisible?"

    You know what the problem for sexually invisible guys is? You're afraid to do the Manly thing and simply be who you are. You worry too much about what other people think about you when you boldly display your sexual desires. You worry too much about what a girl/woman would think about you if you...
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    Help me: Phone numbers go nowhere

    Thanks Wht. And you're right. I just spilled that #1 test without really giving it a second thought. Many girls hide their interest indeed, wether they be shy or careful or whatnot. Let's revise it: Test 1: She's receptive to you when you approach (positive body language, laughs at your jokes...
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    Retribution or Forgiveness?

    Cable, I think you did good. Your question: Retribution or Forgiveness? I don't think you should be reasoning in such distinctions. It's not a matter of forgiving or seeking revenge. The lady in question f*cked up bigtime. Why withhold her the experience of consequences to her actions? It's not...
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    Help me: Phone numbers go nowhere

    Good points on the tests, Wht. Grade, indeed, you approach it systematically like this: Test 1: She's receptive to you when you approach (positive body language, laughs at your jokes, even if they're lame, listens to you attentively, answers your questions enthousastically). If she fails...
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    Help me: Phone numbers go nowhere

    Grade, They gave their numbers to get rid of you. They didn't have the guts to say "no". They felt good about your interest because it stroked their ego and gave their number to you so they could chalk up another "win" on their scoreboard, without ever liking you enough in return to follow-up...
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    what does this form of body language mean?

    I can't believe you just posted that, J77. You caught little miss shy glancing and flustering overly obvious at your splendour, and you need to know what it meant? :p Please stop: Thinking so much about obvious matters. Analyzing obvious matters. Over analyzing obvious matters. Agonizing so...
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    dramatic chick.

    I'd like to quote something by KontrollerX from some time ago: It isn't just a red flag that she opens up so fast on you with all sorts of intimate details, complaints about other people and facts on how much her life sucks. What's more disturbing is that she opens up this much over IM and not...
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    Reasons why men should NOT ever have a "girlfriend"

    And I might just as well shortly state the point many people tried to make in both threads. You now gave your bigger point. And that's exactly the issue. Because you never spoke a word about your bigger point, people didn't understand what you meant to say because most of what you meant to...