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    The offical Sosuave no fap challenge (Let's get it!)

    Is this thread serious? I have gone from spanking several times a day to literally no sexual activity for weeks and I never noticed anything.
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    Going to post here instead of starting a new thread. I was just like this in high school. I had few friends, with occasionally actually going out. Was like this for the first two years. I go to community college and have no clue how to start fresh. It's so different from high school, that...
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    Fish Oil?

    That's some useful info. I didn't know it had so many benefits. I usually take 3 or 4 pills a day. I have been taking my fish oil for three weeks and I notice memory improvement as well. Things seem "clearer" and "sharper", not quite sure how to put. It definitely helps with my mood, I know...
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    Get Offended Less!

    I can think of a few reasons. I don't think people CHOOSE to be offended. 1. Low self esteem. This can cause them to be really thin skinned. 2. They don't realize you're joking. They could be a bit air headed and take that seriously. Or have shabby social skills that need work. 3. Maybe the...
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    Fish Oil?

    I've searched through alot of threads and many recommend to take fish oil as part of your supps. What does it do exactly? I have heard different things on fish oil.
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    low self-confidence/ low self esteem

    Thanks for the replies. Goestoeleven, your response was very good. A big issue is that if I try something new or face a fear or whatever, I feel a dull,numb, neutral feeling. I don't feel good but I don't feel bad either. I know thats weird but that's the best way I can put it. I wasn't always...
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    low self-confidence/ low self esteem

    I have had this problem, well as long as I can remember. I have always felt this way. I don't know if have even ever felt what it's like to have high confidence. I realize that this is the root of many of my issues and its crucial to me that I fix it. I used mentally bash myself trying to find...
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    How to build a social circle

    Bump great thread
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    Breathe!! it works!!

    Do you mean this? http://www.normalbreathing.com/learn-8-diaphragmatic-breathing.php I tried it but I got a little light headed. Is that normal?
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    Does cardio really eat up muscle?

    I'm don't want to be some awesome marathon runner, just have the ability to have a nice 20min-30min run. I always had a crappy cardio endurance and run out of breath way too fast. It's one of the reasons I want to pickup running. I guess you guys would run out of breath if you tried to run a mile.
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    Does cardio really eat up muscle?

    Does it? I haven't heard this anywhere but here on sosuave. Even then, I have seen people post it does and that it doesn't. I want to be muscular but I also want to do some long distance running, since it something I always wanted to be good at. So what, I can't be Mr. buff and handsome, and be...
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    Depression....How to deal with it?

    First, don’t diagnose yourself. Just because you fit the symptoms of a disorder or syndrome or whatever doesn’t mean that you have it. Society today is filled with hypochondriacs, finding disorders to pin on their problems. From your post doesn’t sound like your depressed, just laziness...
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    Wasting Whey?

    When I mix my protein shakes, a good portion of it doesn't mix and it clumps together. It just sticks to the cup and ends going down the drain when I wash the cup. It doesn't matter how much I stir and shake or blend, it won't dissolve completely. Does this happen with anybody's shakes?
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    How to stop masterbation?

    Is there evidence of this? Sh1t having low dopamine levels and having that affect your brain is WAY worse than losing testosterone. Good thing I have that under control:up:
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    Access to medical records

    Is there a way to have full access to my medical records? I want to have the asperger syndrome diagnoses when I was five removed. It's bullish*t IMO and I see it as detrimental if it stays there. Is this possible?
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    Good Idea?

    Thanks for the replies. I decided to lift Tuesdays and Thursdays. That will leave the weekend for the two days off. I looked into EFFORT's where to start thread in the vault sticky, and decided on option A from bodybuilding.com. Now all I need to do is learn how to correctly do squats and deadlifts.
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    Good Idea?

    I want to pickup weightlifting again. Last summer I lifted but it was really scattered. My routine was half ass*d sometimes didn't even stick to it, some exercises were done with poor form, especially deadlifts and squats. I want pickup lifting again and do it right this time but I have problem...
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    Always angry?

    For the past few years people have been telling me that I always look angry. Looking at myself in the mirror it's true. My neutral facial expression is that of someone who's a little angry even though I'm not. Sure I can raise my eyebrows a bit and fix the issue but it's feels too forced. I have...
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    12-year old kid with Aspergers smarter than Einstein

    I just don't see the autism. I mean, he talks and answers to Glenn just fine. He stopped talking altogether when he was a baby but clearly can talk again. Then again I don't really understand Asperger's since I have heard far too many different descriptions on what it really is. I think this...
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    12-year old kid with Aspergers smarter than Einstein

    This boy doesn't sound autistic. This is insane though.