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    Houston we have a huge problem…The Manosphere does not have an ounce of Social Cohesion

    There's too much of this talk of pills. There's a wide spectrum of opinions and this just creates factions. The focus should be on what's best for each individual
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    Females are the foundation of a life well lived.

    I'd say it's slightly different for everyone but there are core areas. Finding your purpose and passion, mental health, physical health, social connection, spirituality.
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    Females are the foundation of a life well lived.

    Women are amazing yes, but this is just not true.
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    No sex yet after 5 dates

    I felt bad if I would've kicked her out as there was no bus at the time and she lives far away. Should I have? Yes, not making any excuse that's on me. I think 1 and 2 She's tells me she "has no friends" and shows me stuff in her phone msgs sometimes, don't know if she'd do that if there was...
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    No sex yet after 5 dates

    Ok I have an update on this. After rescheduling on her a couple times she asked to come to my place for drinks. Whenever I would try to escalate there was some excuse, she even slept in my bed and was having none of it. "I dont feel like making out" "not in the mood" this morning she said i had...
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    Anyone ever been on a date while covered in sex marks from the night before?

    I am currently in a similar situation to this except just one hickey on my chest. Have this girl coming over tonight who ive posted on here about before - fairly conservative. I actually forgot about it until now so I think I wont worry and if asked just say i hurt myself at the gym or...
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    Dating Gurus' Ugly Girlfriends and Wives exposed

    This guy is a clown. He does have a valid point about gurus trying to sell you their ****, but then he almost immediately tries to sell his own course. Also he's straight bashing these women's looks which is highly subjective, they're not that bad, he's greatly exaggerating in the best case. His...
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    Dating/plate exhaustion

    Thanks for the responses guys I agree. I think I need to focus on myself atm, self reflection and working on my personal goals. My limit is probably 2 main plates at any time, I feel I've been focusing on dating way too much and need to prioritise it less.
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    Dating/plate exhaustion

    For people who have been plate spinning for a while, do you get exhausted from it? Im very introverted and have been spinning a few plates the past couple months and just feel super drained and now just want heaps of time to myself. I tend to withdraw socially when I feel like this and...
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    Any one see the latest John wick?

    Yep it's great. Similar to the others it's mostly him killing a bunch of people which is very entertaining and they use good filmography
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    Can anyone explain how you would use ai and chat PT in your business

    Depends on the business. You can use it bounce/generate ideas. Generate written content like blog posts, marketing emails etc. Strategise and create business plans. If it's tech related it can write and troubleshoot your code or just generally help you learn more about your domain.
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    There is too much toxic male dating advice for younger men these days

    Not familiar with fresh and fit but agree that Andrew tate is toxic. Whether or not the allegations against him are true (I think they are) he is clearly taking advantage of shock value and desperate guys who will pay for his BS courses. Unfortunately there's not many good male role models out...
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    How did you get here?

    Came across the rational male and heard about this forum through there. After reading it I realised I had been giving way too much mental energy on trying to have a perfect relationship/get laid and had my priorities with dating all wrong. Joined to stay the course and learn/discuss more.
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    I injured my d1ck during sex

    Nope, looks like that will have to wait for a bit lol
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    I injured my d1ck during sex

    This is a very weird thing to post but I wonder if anyone has had a similar situation. Basically occurred due to me being very drunk and miscalculating.. It is very bruised and swollen, don't know how long it will take to heal (have been to the er about it and no surgery required). Would you...
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    No sex yet after 5 dates

    @BillyPilgrim she's not italian but she seems pretty serious about the catholicism despite drinking a lot. Your assessment on the first post is seeming pretty accurate, plenty of mixed signals. After I see her she's also always asking when can I see you next. @Gamisch Of course my game is a...
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    No sex yet after 5 dates

    Cheers for the replies everyone, interesting to see some mixed responses. Admittedly I'm not 100% sure what I want either. I am potentially interested in her for ltr but definitely will take a while to be convinced, not in any rush to be in ltr but open to it if things go really well with...
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    No sex yet after 5 dates

    26 and got out of a major ltr I think a couple years ago, maybe 1 year minimum. She also said "I don't really know what I'm doing" and that she was out of the market for a while until recently. Don't know how many people she's been with but it seems low