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    Regaining power in a relationship.

    The reason your feeling the way you do now is because you haven't done that have you? Your sitting in every night thinking and wondering about one woman when there are thousands more out there screaming for a guy like you. Get real, move on, no contact whatsoever. Chances are, if you...
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    Can I remedy this situation???

    Get smart, Text her again, but only once more. Raise your game, something funny using Push Pull. Like..... "It was nice to meet a pretty face the other night, but can it hold an interesting conversation? If the answer is no then don't reply". This works great for most cases. Basically...
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    UK DJ's - holler here.

    Bedford / Milton Keynes / Buckingham - UK Anyone from the above? Seasoned DJ's and learners welcome! The House of nEdNaW :up:
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    Two Girls One Place!

    Yeah, NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING AT WORK! Your job WILL trun into a nightmare if you do. Happened to me loads of times, well I had to make sure! The House of nEdNaW
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    One of the most important posts ever!

    Turning the tables One thing I find works very well in this situation. Before you do anything STOP and THINK. Turn the tables and think what it would mean to you if a girl you just met called you 10 times a day. How would you feel if she insisted on buying everything, opening doors for you...