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    Long List of Demands

    In a very good LTR you'll hit all those points at least once. Non of that should be given freely but as rewards for a truly loving partner and in moderation. Lord know I'll have issues with the movie point, as well as the swearing point, and the forgive all mistakes (what kind of mistake are we...
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    Have you ever paid for a pickup product?

    The DJ Bible and boot camp are a pretty solid combo. I'm pretty sure the fine men who started that may have made some books at this point.
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    Advices on this please...

    I would just like to add this. If your new to this type of game and have had an exclusive relationship with a person and broke it off with them, don't go for switching them into an FB until you've had a few ONS's under your belt. Old habits die hard if you don't know how to let go.
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    How is this out of line?

    Tell him that your honest with everyone you meet and don't offer fake goods. Ask him if these ladies needs aren't being met, why are they still seeking your company ;)? We all have choice. If the ladies don't want players then they should act accordingly. Hate the game. Not the player. I would...
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    Girlfriend is friends with another guy. Shlts me.

    Marriage is only when you feel absolutely comfortable with the lady far be it from me to find wisdom from a fast food chain but it has to be your way! - See how she responds to all three of you hanging out (if "no" watch out) - Watch out for her dressing up from what she normally dresses as -...
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    How to shake INSECURITY once you are "infected"?

    Practice, practice, practice. Talk to as many ladies as possible and ask for as many numbers as possible. Even if you fail, you get so used to it, it no longer seems like a big deal ;)
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    Hickies: A mark of shame or a badge of honor?

    To each their own. There should be a third category. For people already in 'exclusive' relationships and the other is not the one the hickie is from... At some work places it might not be professional to have them exposed. I highly recommend receiving them in concealed areas.
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    Question about girl, and her friends experiences.

    She could be just defending her friend. Is there any other odd behavior she exhibits other than this? One red flag does not signal an army. You let her know at least how you feel about this behavior. Is she flaky? Does she do anything weird like snort real loud and rub her nose?
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    Women Hitting on you In Front of their Man

    I've seen this with one friend of mines and a girlfriend of his. Bro's befor ho's always.
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    LJBF and cooling off period

    I've tried this before and all I got for my trouble was a kiss and one make out session.
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    Sex still sacred after loosing your virginity?

    Sex isn't sacred because everyone can do it. I've made some mistakes, but sex should always be pleasurable if its not you should be going out with people that excite you.
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    Getting a Girl Who has a boyfriend

    What you do with her is your buisness however she won't be good for an LTR. FB at best. I recommend keeping up ignoring her and throwing out your strongest game possible (so you know for sure). As for having her to yourself. just get that out of your head man. All though you may feel they are...
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    Simple BPD message

    Things were easy with her. Horaholic's description is scary for me cause it describes my ex to a T (minus points 5 and 6). It became a second job almost to maintain things and past a certain point nothing I did could get her out of this crappy attitude she cropped.
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    Good sex is hard to walk away from....

    Its definitely a natural narcotic. AFCism can be found wherever there is an addiction.
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    Weird situation (need help)

    Online and innocent should not be in the same sentence. She may be quite a bit more than you believe (as far as her sexing up others goes). If your still seeing each other and screwing around enjoy the ride quite literally, otherwise GTFO!
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    "13 types of men women should avoid"

    Too many people readily believe everything they are told without considering the source...
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    Am i taking a wrong turn here with this hot babe?

    Keep it casual and less available. No need to sweat if its just dating. If she is still down, she'll run back faster than you saying "whats this ****?"
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    Something's up with my girlfriend.

    Another sign to watch out for is if she is sick a lot. Like throwing up and complaining about her stomach not feeling good all the time. Unless she has a known ulcer that usually means her guts are getting busted out. Its not one sign your looking for, its a set.
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    Does a girl have to be totally single to ask her out?

    Remember there is always someone out there with more game. AFC or not, there is no excuse for cheating. Were all human and we all have a level of character.
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    Something's up with my girlfriend.

    As a rule sex should never get below once or twice a week. In my last LTR (which lasted 4 years) we got as low as once a week. 4 months before things really ended I got it back up to twice a week. It sounds like what my ex was doing to a tee. She is throwing up her peacock feathers for a reason...