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    Getting back into the dating world, Did I fvcked up last night? Or is there still hope?

    Couple things ive noticed. You lack confidence (worried about other guys dancing better will lower you) and you 100% can **** this girl. I wouldnt recomend it bc she is married. If you choose to do that, all you need to do is be aggressive. I can assure you, you arent the first guy shes...
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    Is there any hope? 37 year old and broken

    I think what youre going through is hard. Your basically getting a late start developing social skills which majority people get in highschool. The good news its not too late. You need to start working on your personality. The best quote ive heard, comes from Joe Rogan. "You have the...
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    How do u handle chicks that blow u off?

    The advice here is actually pretty bad. I can GUARANTEE you, shes been flaky beacuse there is another guy in the picture. You have become the second string. When a girl gives you less, its because shes giving another guy more. The best thing for you to do in this situation is, DO NOTHING...
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    How do YOU respond to an argumentive girl

    more specifically a girl that is trying to get you to argue/fight with her. Do you not respond? Put her in her place and argue back? Change the subject? Respond with a joke? Id like to hear other strategies
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    Advice on a Girls interest level that dropped

    Ha. Well doesnt look like anymore communication. She defriended me on FB and even had her family members defriend me. Kind of childesh and not even sure what I did. I sent her text today with something funny that happend, she didnt even respond. My guess is she wasnt seeing a future with us...
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    Advice on a Girls interest level that dropped

    Just as I knew, shes texing me today. Asks what im doing. I was Busy so she kept texting like, what are you doing why are you not responding. I told her i was busy and call me later if she wants to talk. She got bitchy again like "why cant you text. This is what i get for chit chatting with...
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    Advice on a Girls interest level that dropped

    Id normally agree, but shes a single mother and working two jobs. She really doesnt have enough time to talk on phone for duration. Texting is usually the way we communicate during downtime.
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    Advice on a Girls interest level that dropped

    Ive been a LONNNNNG time member. Had some ups and downs in different relationships. Here I am back again needing some advice. Been dating this girl off and on 2+ years. Weve both had other relationships during that span but somehow always got back together dating. Year ago she moved to a...
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    How to respond to cancelled date?

    I always believed the best way to go is to "agree and amplify." When a girl flakes, you agree and mention how that works out because xxxxx reason. But Id also add in, " lets do xx date, but if you flake again, youre making me dinner."
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    Girl dumped me. Not too happy.

    Look, if youre going to "wear your heart on your sleeve" and want to appear whiny and complain to her why it didnt work out then you have to accept your reality of how you will look to her. A lot of us on here will say during breakups, fake it till you make it. Do the whole "you want to break...
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    Stumped on arranging date (text exhange)

    Yeah, I think it sounds like she might be using you for ego purposes. IF you meet up again you MUST go for kiss close. If she denies, its definatly ego and you move on.
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    Orbiters, One-itis, Respect

    Man Des, After reading your last couple threads im noticing a trend with you. Your inner game has really fallen off. You need to be stronger inside. I use to hate Orbiters in my 20s. But theres a HUGE HUGE HUGE difference between a women in her 45+ and a women in her 20s that have orbiters...
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    As crazy as it sounds, THIS is the best course of action whether you want to get her back or move on. The issue youre having is value. Right now if shes going cold on you, she does not have high value in you. The only way to raise your value to her is Scarcity. You put the ball in your...
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    what does 'we will catch up soon' mean?

    I remember Jophil use to post and say that if a girl gives you an answer that seems vague or says "ill get back to you and let you know" shes taking control and basically leaving you hanging. Respond with, " nevermind, seems like youre busy, maybe well meet another time." NEVER leave a date in...
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    Gotta Fix This

    Man, that seems pretty on point on how I would think you should be on a first date. Im pretty good with first dates and I come across self entertained and treat them the same too. The only thing I can think of is maybe the date isnt that fun? Having high energy and being upbeat is contagious...
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    How to keep her interested until we meet again

    I was in a similar situation, but not with a girl from another country. Rather it was a different state and it was a month away. I just made sure I did a funny text one day a week and on sunday evenings would call her and chatted about our weeks. I think the key is to keep the conversation...
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    Need some advice

    I could have read your thread wrong, but I didnt notice she did anything wrong. So she gets texts from a coworker that likes her? Big deal. You two are just dating. He has just as much right to her as you do until you two are "committed." Big difference between dating and committed. IF...
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    Strike early or not to eager?

    Hey fellas.. Got a new situation, been a while since ive posted. Il keep it short. This last thursday i banged a new girl, solid 8.5. Shes works at a restaunt so she works really late amd works a lot. Friday i mentioned we should go for round 2. She replies that she cant Friday but Maybe...
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    Low interest? This girl is weird.

    Funny, i was in a similar situation. Theres an obvious answer. ITS because you showed too much interest. She liked it fun and casual and you showed neediness. You almost have to keep your mindset as playboy type and let her be the one asking you to stop seeing other girls and take her more...
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    How do YOU open at the Bars/Lounge/Clubs

    All this is good stuff guys. Hopefully it helped others too. Its cool hearing about other guys pick ups and sucess.