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    A life of solitude and loneliness

    Social skills must be practiced my man else they degrade. Practic reaching out and connecting to others. There's tons of books out there if you're unsure.
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    Live-in GF watches too much television

    I think people like these programs because it fills in the lack of substance in their own lives.
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    Girlfriend Problem

    Dude, I was thinking (upon THC-reflection, take this for what it is): This girl is young (19), it is normal for her (having not had many relationships) to have strong bonding emotions for the partners she has been with. She feels strongly for you, and at one time she really liked this guy. If...
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    How the Banks Destroy you

    I never used the phrase, "the elite". If anything, I can say specific names like: Richard Cheney / George W. Bush / George H. Bush and much of the Bush Administration (Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz). These are just a few (American) of the controlling elite who falsified our present-day...
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    Nerds need to stop being faggots

    Until we stop living in a man vs. woman world, we're fvcked. We are the yin-yang, the cooperation and momentum of both parts means something. Neither man nor woman can stand alone, I don't care how gay or feminist or chauvenist.
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    How the Banks Destroy you

    The banks are fvcking us along with our own govt. Wake up! Wake up! Turn off your TV and disconnect from your familar faces on sitcom reality and look around you! We're being manipulated by those above us! They'd rather you stay sleeping and eat your Big Mac!
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    Girlfriend Problem

    I don't understand how a woman or man thinks going back to exes for "deep and meaningful" times is OK. If anything, it only distracts from the relationship and just acts as a shard of glass. 99 problems but...
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    This couldn't be more screwed up! So I'm starting a Journal here!

    While I agree with your points that recognize the good things going on his world, I think that last line is the sort of mentality that can be very destructive. Although it seems a digital screen with a bunch of text has no power, it in fact can shape actions and behaviors. Some of the mentality...
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    Best way to protect yourself before a marriage?

    Sure people change, but in some ways if you enter into everything wondering how to shelter yourself against a break-down, well you're setting yourself up for a fvcked up way of life. In some ways you've got to take the journey and take the ride. If you want to protect your assets, go talk to...
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    No Fapping. Why it rocks

    I have felt that way before too, I guess it was better than banging some chick I'd regret later on, but I hear you dude. It probably is healthy to keep self-pleasure to moderation and not let it become a destructive habit and drain all of your drive away... Sometimes though it is better than...
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    Do husbands who do housework get less sex because their wives don't respect them?

    Clean house clean mind. Find me a girl who wants to live in a sh1thole. Just don't walk around wearing a flower-apron!
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    No Fapping. Why it rocks

    Again I believe this is an issue that can't be so easily boiled down to a single way for any single person. Sexuality is a wide gradient and people's psychological and cultural upbringings all effect their relationship to sex and self-pleasure. For example, if you were raised in a heavily...
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    Decided To Get A Divorce

    Being single is overrated. Once you're single long enough again you'll know what I mean.
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    How Women Try to Manipulate Alpha Males (article)

    I think the more men and women read this the more mentally polluted we all become and the further we get from actually achieving any real healthy form of anything. God Bless 'MERICA!
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    If your wife got fat would you ask her for permission for an open marriage?

    Hey Cityboy, You quote Rollo, Danger and Eddie Murphy, but where are your own words? Most here recycle others ideas than look for their own truth.
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    Advice on dealing with GF's guy friends

    This all sounds very immature, particulalry this girls choice in dudes and she clearly likes the attention. Don't waste your time here man.
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    If your wife got fat would you ask her for permission for an open marriage?

    Lol dude, you are talking about marraige. To death right? My grandmother is 95 and my grandfather died when he as 88. What do you think her breasts and his **** looked like then, huh? Haha, "maintain", brah we're all going to be dust and old bones before that, don't you know any better? Not one...
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    I need help from my fellow DJ's

    Hang in there brother. I don't know ab these complex mind games (although it could work). Why not have a real convo and say those things. Maybe you can see what's really going on if you ask her. You are considering terminating the relationship, tell her the way things are going you feel...
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    If your wife got fat would you ask her for permission for an open marriage?

    Most superifical shallow thread of the week
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    Cheated on my girl, She cheated me back, Now need her back

    Hey man, I wouldn't tell her honestly. That will just **** her mind up and she'll have real trouble loving again. Just let it be man, don't tell her, it'll make things way worse.