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  1. J

    Need help with a 9 with a bf

    even coming on these boards makes me more confident for some reason, haha. i just keep thinking to myself that the worst thing that could happen is she says no, and why on earth should that matter? ive seen her once in 2 years, and im leaving in a week. IT DOESNT MATTER
  2. J

    Need help with a 9 with a bf

    Hi, Well, i'll make this as brief as i can without missing anything important out. I met this girl 2 years ago, she was 17, i was 21, i saw her 2 nights ago for the first time, and now shes 19 shes a little calmer, and even hotter than before. She is still with the same guy, but says...
  3. J

    21 and trying to end the misery

    well nevermind eh, you'll be dead soon.
  4. J

    Long/WILD story - Lost my virginity tonight!

    yeah, but you could have done this when you were 10. Losing your virginity in such a way is a such a shame, and you'll soon come to regret it. Just think, the most important moment of your life, and you shared it with someone who's name you dont even know.
  5. J

    Long/WILD story - Lost my virginity tonight!

    well, i dont see any need to tear him apart like that, but paying for sex doesnt mean anything at all, and it's not a DJ skill.
  6. J


    go out into the real world and talk to real women
  7. J

    Long/WILD story - Lost my virginity tonight!

    its not really anything to be proud of. im not saying there is anything wrong sleeping with them but, if i bought an Xbox game, i wouldnt post about it on here.
  8. J

    Long/WILD story - Lost my virginity tonight!

    you realise you had sex with a prostitute right?
  9. J

    Just a confidence booster for all you guys

    Went out tonight for this girl's 21st birthday, and as she promised there were quite a few really pretty girls, maybe 5 above 8, and one girl who was out of this world. I didnt really speak to any of them at any length of time, i was quite drunk and just enjoying myself (i dont like...
  10. J

    Subjects to build sexual tension

    im reading thing stoned, and nothing has ever made as much sense as that. i am going to read up on SS because i couldnt live with the fact that my english descriptions are poor, i would like to be able to convey myself better than currently do, and if getting girls is a side effect, its a...
  11. J

    Female acting weird

    when you got annoyed because she blew you off, you failed her test. NEXT her and move on.
  12. J

    Sex/Penis Problem? Worrying... Please read.

    if you havent experienced much sexual activity the best thing IS to masturbate. masturbate all the time, get used to your body and you'll be fine. if masturbating a lot made you unable to get an erection in bed then i would be screwed.
  13. J

    when does a girl become a waste of time?

    when you ask yourself the question "is this girl worth a waste of my time" if you have to comtemplate it, then she is. NEXT.
  14. J

    Subjects to build sexual tension

    to be honest, ive never really read up on speed seduction, i just talked to a few girls about it and a lot of them said blatantly talking about sex can make you seem a little needy (unless you're both a bit drunk, then by all means talk about sex) and that describing feelings related to sex in...
  15. J

    When A Girl Asks You Back To Hers To Study...

    I guess i only like having sex with girls that i know really want to have sex with me. If she couldnt hold out ONE time before moving on to the next guy, i wouldnt want her.
  16. J

    Sex/Penis Problem? Worrying... Please read.

    masturbate as much as you like, next time you're about to have sex with her, just relax you'll be absolutely fine. if worst comes to worst, make a joke to her about how you can get it up on your own, but when you see her you lose it, and that she should try extra hard this time.
  17. J

    When A Girl Asks You Back To Hers To Study...

    i would turn up, forget the idea of sex, study really hard, reject any advances she makes and then leave. if she invites you AGAIN, then its time to make a move. if she doesnt, she didnt want it "that badly".
  18. J

    Subjects to build sexual tension

    i think a good thing is not actually talking about sex itself, but talk about the feelings involved in detail, talk about how amazing eating something that you cooked was, and how it melted in your mouth, and the chicken was so soft and succulent, and the sauce was just heaven on your tongue...
  19. J

    You want to learn how to conversate with women?

    Go Speed-Dating. Only having 3 mins to talk to a girl is the best thing in the world, it motivates you to number close quickly, and by the 10th girl, you'll soon learn exactly what to say, and how to say it, because the 9 previous girls will have said no when you asked for their numbers...
  20. J

    Finding People on Your Level

    i cant really recall me ever doing well, or even approaching many girls when im with friends. if you go to the same club fairly often, you'll see the same people there and become club friends, well this happened to me anyway, and these guys had come alone at one point too, and they seem to be...