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    source of our problems....circumcision????

    I love the endless insults hurled at me already and how no one here is even willing to give this any consideration at all. here let me just break it down with this question: if the foreskin was useless and served 0 purpose why in the hell are men born with it? in fact I'll add another question...
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    source of our problems....circumcision????

    I've been on this site on and off I admit but I've read enough rationalmale and book of pook and dj bible to generally speaking get the concept behind everything and when I apply it I in general am far better with interacting with people than I was before. I however could not help but...
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    lol well I think due to a couple of days of not sleeping and stress that not fapping causes I caved in today and said fvck it. I did however make sure I didnt have a long porn session but rather just a few minutes. I did it three times. honestly I feel a lot less stressed and I dont feel as...
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    EVERYTHING a man needs to know about women

    just furtherproof that the world of academia needs to be burned to the ground because you are spot on. not the only reason for burning academia as i have 10000 others. academic papers really just sourcing other information as long as that source is "credible" which essentially means some...
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    This is unchartered territory for me; LTR asked me for a two-week break

    I dont know. I really hate the idea of a text break up. sounds cheesy and unmanly. this seems like something that should at least be done over the phone or really even in person since it clearly has been officially finalized in TC's head. I think he needs to do it in person and walk away that...
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    day 10 i think. doing good so far. keeping up a rhythm to my madness. I do know the day I screw up that rhythm by just a razor thin margin is the day I go down for the count.
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    This is unchartered territory for me; LTR asked me for a two-week break

    I have a friend who did this recently....the all mighty woman told him she needed a break for a little while....he agreed. she moved back in with her female friends supposedly during this time. during this "break"....he was emotionally abused quite a bit(not that she wasnt abusing him...
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    Gender equality is a myth

    all equality is a myth. the best we can hope for is equality under the eyes of the law that however has been shot to hell and back
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    "Alpha fvcks Beta Bucks" is the most retarded sht I've ever heard.

    so what Ive gathered here is some people apparently think spending money on a girl for any reason at all makes you a beta AFC loser....Ill be sure to pass that message long to all the married couples of the world. they could use a good laugh.
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    Let's be realistic here about women and relationships.

    while true this wasnt the point. Im trying to say women have a purpose and are the way they are because it needs to be that way. they have vaginas and cats meow. its part of their makeup and quite frankly probably why guys love them. for whatever reason God or evolution made the two sexes...
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    Let's be realistic here about women and relationships.

    because if we all thought like TC the human race would die off. look i get it....TC is mad at women....I was too when i first came here and how i found this site was typing into google some variation of "women are stupid". not sure which variation landed me to this site but either way it doesnt...
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    What is the real goal of this website?

    to make boys cry with the red pill and turn the poor saps that survive that into men. of course I think most people use here with the intention of only getting laid and remain boys that can just get laid. i really think too many here ignore the principles and now they are OCD about getting...
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    In general who smells worse men or women?

    if bathrooms are any indication women probably smell the worst they just cover it perfume and other stuff.
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    the fvck???
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    No Fap Challenge Progress

    as a guy that has gone a year with no fapping on a few occassions one piece of advice I will state here is dont get hung up on the number of days you are clean. thats really irrelevant to pretty much everything. I read a few pages of that and it is interesting and good encouragement so i...
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    Texting all the damn time

    while girls these days text all the time and really a lot of guys do too especially the younger we go down in age.....that said i find the idea of 24/7 texting to be unhealthy and a waste of time. texting sometimes isnt to bad but it really can become an all day affair. I'd advise not doing...
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    How do I increase the volume of women I meet?

    it may be a prime chick magnet but if he is as AFC as he says and he probably is if hes posting on this site....then said chicks will quickly drop him. as for TC sounds like his mental thought process is all wrong....I'd suggest working on changing the way you think....I'd also say make sure...
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    Do you guys have ways of cueing yourself into a confident mood?

    while im not booming with confidence yet Ive noticed Ive been getting more of it as Ive just eaten better, exercised more consistently, gotten 8 hours of sleep, and reading healthy reading material so making sure as a religious man being more devoted to scripture reading daily but also something...
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    females are stupid

    no Jersey Shore is about seeing how many braincells you can have killed and still manage to live. make it a rule now....if you know someone that watches jersey shore block their phone number and block them from facebook.