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    What am I doing wrong when I approach

    I am going through the same thing but I keep shooting myself in the foot as most times as they show interest but I keep stuffing up by the saying the wrong thing or pissing them off by being too ****y & funny or negging too much. I remember reading, you have to see yourself as if you're...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Gentlemen, it's been six months since the break-up and four since no contact. Holy sh!t, things have changed. I am so much happier now. And people have noticed this. Especially at work, when I would have fights with my ex and it would end up with me taking it out on my colleagues. Now, I am...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Alright boys, it's been almost 4 months since NC. I have been working on myself since then. Been reading mystery method stuff for bar pick-ups and been getting a few numbers lately. I haven't run into my ex yet but I ran into her brother last weekend. I pretended like I didn't see him. I...
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    Picking up Flight attendants while at work

    Cheers for the replies guys. Will keep you guys posted.
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    Picking up Flight attendants while at work

    Anyone got any good openers for Flight attendants while being a passenger on a flight? I have a few flights coming up for work.
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    Girls are ruthless

    Well well, I got a text from the backpacker today. She left the country yesterday and I didn't think I would hear from her again. She said in the text she was attracted to me right from when she first saw me but when we got drunk at my apartment and I asked her to do a 'sexydance' she got...
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    Girls are ruthless

    Join the club. I had one backpacker stay with me and sleep in the same bed as me but wouldn't put out. Gave me all the signs initially. I think it was her little game to secure some free accommodation.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Almost 60 days without NC. But, I have been doing the facebook stalking. She's started a facebook business where she's selling dresses and doesn't have her picture but the pictures of the dresses shes selling and only those (I deleted her as a friend). Anyway, I am curious as to how everyone...
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    Do girls really go for guys with nice cars?

    Someone said to me, become the right person and the right person will come into your life. Your quote hit the nail on the head and puts all the pieces in place.
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    Is this BPD?

    I don't think you can diagnose a person with BPD with just one action/statement. BPD=messed up personality due to messed up childhood. And this only surfaces when you've gotten to know the person intimately for a few months at least.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Alright boys, day 47 of No contact. I am finally starting to get into Zone 2 of NC. Meaning, I don't want anything to do with her. But part of me wants her to see how good I am doing now. Part of me wants her to see me one day, looking good with an upgraded bird in my arm. But I think less...
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    Spinning plates. How many and how do you find the time?

    They are interested in me cos I am more interested in doing other things. From time to time I show them a really good time and then I go back to doing my own thing.
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    These females are just filthy sluts, nothing more..

    BM, your post is right on the money. I am really working on becoming a dominant animal in bed. I usually would concentrate on just pleasuring the woman. But now I realise they also get their pleasure just from a man's raw desire wanting them. Now I don't plan to rape these women but a few tips...
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    These females are just filthy sluts, nothing more..

    Some really good points made by a few people. I would like to say the following, a slut is gonna be a slut. You marry a slut, she won't automatically turn into a good girl. The way I see it, the good girls are hard to come by and get picked up pretty quickly, the sluts get used by the alphas...
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    What's really happening with this girl and what to do now?

    Let me ask you some questions. Answer them truthfully and you will have your answer. How many plates are you spinning currently other than her? How many FWB have you got other than her? Are you ready to lose her?-meaning seeing her in another guys arms and not care. One thing I have learnt...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Tripod, had the exact same thing happen to me. We broke up and I thought it was all my fault. A while later I found out she was monkey branching and the it was the guy that sent me the bad news. I got angry at her and sent her hurtful messages. She still kept trying to blame me. And the other...
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    Total acceptance of red pill? I'm lost.

    Me three! The last two chicks I slept with, had bfs. One was dating another guy along with having a bf and wanted to know why I didn't want a relationship with her! Met another one last night, who has two bfs in two different cities. I think 'swallowing the red pill' makes helps us see...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Day 33 of NC. I have made myself busy in attending some classes and gonna be sitting some exams that will help me get a better job and upgrade my qualifications as well. I am hitting the gym hard. Hopefully, my goal is 10lbs of extra muscle by end of this year. Everyday, I slowly crawl...
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    To anyone who just got Dumped, and is feeling like trash! [Must Read]

    That's a good link, I have reread it three times now. It really helps soothe the pain. The biggest lesson I learnt, listen to the gut instincts. I had mine screaming at me that something was off and she was upto something, but I ignored it and I paid the price!
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    The official Borderline Personality Disorder thread [Merged]

    I am starting to wonder if my ex is BPD. -29 yr old. Attractive, divorced. -Abusive dad and mother didn't give her attention at young age. -Very low self esteem, and big fear of abandonment - according to her was caused by her ex who cheated on her. She punched him after she found out. -Easily...