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    My girlfriend cheated...

    There's no need to keep responding to this thread guys. It's from 2004. The situation has been resolved!
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    My girlfriend cheated...

    No, of course not.
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    There is No Magic Bullet

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    There is No Magic Bullet

    > "Meeting women is no different; it takes work, dedication, and patience to get results." - Nicholas Hill, DJ Bootcamp Good quote, but I should clarify that it was bondjamesbond who came up with it in this thread: https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/laziness-masturbation.16192/ Where...
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    My girlfriend cheated...

    Three kids now. 11 years happily married. Haven't yet stopped cringing at all this old stuff!
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    I KISS CLOSED! ...and Nick's new reason for being here

    Nope. I'm happily married, and have a 2 year old daughter, with another baby on the way!
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    I KISS CLOSED! ...and Nick's new reason for being here

    If it makes you feel any better, MetalFortress, I don't do that any more!
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    The New DJ Bible

    Good job, Desdinova! I think it's appropriate for someone such as yourself to take over. Nick
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    Best Reply To This Text She Sent

    You need to follow my advice in the weekly Dr Love's Tip of the Week! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emk2vDQbS1E
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    So here I am... meet me... *pic*

    slitherjef, don't listen to these guys as much as you have - simply take into account, there is potential (I haven't seen the photo), but don't die inside for the comments. I once looked really bad - very spotty, ugly, messy hair, at one point the wrong build, but now I think I have improved a...
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    Don Juan Tiers

    I have updated the front page to list where I believe each of the DJ concepts fit. I invite you to take a look and respond here with advice / concepts I've missed / suggestions...etc. Nick
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    KINO right off the bat?

    Exceptional answer, ConantheLibertarian. There's no way to show your confidence more than that I think - and girls love confidence. But you would have to believe it! Nick
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    On Turning Down Social Invitations

    Hello guys, I'm going to give some obvious advice. So obvious, it has to be said: Never Turn Down a Social Invitation There are guys who wonder where to meet women. A man sits in his room wondering how to practise his DJ skills - and then the man gets an answer - "Go to the coffee...
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    Don Juan Tiers

    Thanks Docs, I will consider that although it will compress the Tiers leaving more (four?) future tiers. Is that what you had in mind?
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    Don Juan Tiers

    Sounds good, I will work on that. Nick
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    Don Juan Tiers

    Hey guys, I have been considering creating a new website containing a course very similar to the "Boot Camp", but in more bite size chunks (similar to the "Player Guide" on Fast Seduction). A basic concept is here: http://www.nick-hill.com/djtiers/website.php Please let me know if the...
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    The Inner Circle

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    The Inner Circle

    Hello guys, As I continue my return to single life, I can't help but notice my lack of contribution to the forum. Of course, I have read and agreed with many posts, but I have also disagreed with many posts. Sometimes the number of posts I disagree with is larger than the number of posts in...
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    FR. guys try this

    Added to the Don Juan Bible!
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    The Optimum Age to DJ?

    You are absolutely correct - age should have no effect on the man's viewpoint to his value in life, but my question is more theoretical, scientific in nature. It relates to the responsiveness to a man's advances in an encounter with a girl - at what age is it the easiest to convince her in your...