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    Jersey Shore : Sammi

    Re: Sammi is not BPD, she is simply the typical girl of our times aged 18-30 and possibly similar to our cougars, too. She is selfish, egotistical, self-centered, *****y, faultless, immature, cold, spiteful, vindictive, heartless, and all around a poor example of a Girlfriend. :rolleyes...
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    "Open the door or Take me back to my car"

    Re: Awesome post, Atom Smasher! I had the fortunate experience of having an actually dating/romance/"how were things in your time" conversation with my grandmother, as I was dutifully given the opportunity to pick her up for a family event. I had 1.5 hours to discuss things with her and I...
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    "Open the door or Take me back to my car"

    Re: W-T-F has SoSuave devolved into? So much so that we DEBATE opening a vehicle door, or for that matter a door to a building or home? Out of habit I open doors for women or even men, or kids, or teens, or senior citizens anywhere and everywhere! Does that make some stupid 3-4 Acronym...
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    Women LIE in order to maintain POWER

    Re: Your delusions and misperceptions are prisons of your own making. Women lie or use lying (not always), as a means of b!tch testing men. Women have a different set of parameters by which they experience life and as such, they can't go balls out through life (although women are becoming...
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    Girl just re-confirmed it: Women cannot be trusted.

    Re: Cut bait completely. Drop all ties. End it. Staying in contact WHILE she dates another guy or even bangs him shows that you are weak and willing to accept the behavior of a loose woman. You essentially condone her behavior so long as you remain in a position of dominance. Behave as if...
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    Point to Having Kids?

    Re: --------------------- That was the one that astound me, too, until I really dug down and thought about it. I met some people that home school their children, who are in fact, more 'well-rounded' than the locals who attend our over-populated high school and are just as confused...
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    Point to Having Kids?

    Re: As it relates to kids...and this thread...and what you posted... 30 is definitely an odd time, but a great one. I have witnessed young marriages collapse, new marriages thrive, and 50 year married couples admit to infidelity despite being married 25 years. They say the times don't...
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    Point to Having Kids?

    Re: Hi squirrels! Glad to meet up in a forum! I'm bAAACCCCCCCk Hope all is well with you.
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    Point to Having Kids?

    Re: Your reasons are logical, and I respect that. Making children is about creating the ultimate in a union of love with someone you care about. I have some friends who truly have their 'soulmate', as much as that is pew-pewed here. These are couples where the wife is ok with the man doing...
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    Post Your Favorite Thick Curvy Girls

    Re: I'll bite on the trolling. I find the 'attacks' in this thread humorous, because you're entitled to your likes and I know a great many 'skinny' females that blew up come childbirthing and a great many thick or heavy-set girls that dropped significant weight post-childbirth, so there's...
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    How to you gain the ballsack to be this invincible?

    Re: They don't ask, they just do it? Seriously. They also don't think, they just do. They certainly wouldn't come to SS or any other MB and ask "how do we be like that?" (aka Emulate AMOGs). They don't give a phuck, so they just do it. Too much conscious thought, but this is also what...
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    A pair of cougars write book about undateable men

    Re: So like Pavlov's dogs men should pander to this various list and 'hope' they get laid? Please. There isn't one item in this list that is absolute anyways. ^^^^The fundamental flaw of their whole book is women telling men how to be men. The references they are making in this...
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    How do you know if her IL has dropped or she's just playing "hard to get"?

    Re: - Dude, you're overthinking EVERYTHING. That's the downfall to everything one begins to learn about 'this'. Your mind attains 'awareness' and acts to OVERANALYZE every single act. I can't inject you with a chill behavior, but you definitely need to. You actually HAVE girls that would at...
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    Re: I haven't used P90X, yet, but I can confirm such programs do work, depending on your goals. My personal trainer-friend has switched from teaching straight strength training to full-body, kettlebell, cardio intensive workout programs. I would imagine he also incorporates much of what p90X...
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    Why bother getting married anymore??

    Re: It ain't shaming and I am generalizing and throwing a massive blanket across every guy I know. But so be it. I don't really care. Guys these days don't have the sacks to man up and approach women; they want to have their cake and eat it, too. YES, I get it. The laws blow. ONLY IF...
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    Why bother getting married anymore??

    Re: This is the problem with these forums in many cases. 1) You're hypocrites. You wouldn't be here were it not for procreation, which most notably occurs under the auspices of a "marriage." 2) Stop using absolutes. They don't apply. Nothing is anything. Kids aren't little ****s and...
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    Why bother getting married anymore??

    So you're admitting to giving women STDS or....? Probably want to clarify that one, bud. No one presumes that relationship = safety or security, but the alternative certainly comes with more risks, should be willing to accept 'em. - kids with random women. - you think you don't like...
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    Why bother getting married anymore??

    Re: I agree with the points of the intrusion of LAW and the MEDIA. Very well put. I don't agree with people's perspective on women. There's too many competing issues at play. First, regarding "bets." If we want to get into investing and gambling, MOST successful investors LOSE more than...
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    Why bother getting married anymore??

    Re: Been awhile but... There's alot of fallacies as well as biased or negative perspectives about the site on this topic. So depending you and your past relationships, it depends on how you view marriage. 1. Throughout history women have been subjugated as property or slaves. This wasn't a...
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    What to do when ur GF takes her emotions out on you?

    Re: There's 2 aspects to this. First, what Tucker Max said: http://messageboard.tuckermax.com/showthread.php?t=13438 Second, men who can't take a woman's emotions, won't have many in their life. It's one thing to have boundaries, it's another to assume she will be as logical and...