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    "The Game" by Neil Strauss - SNEAK PEAK

    Hahahaaa... interesting observations Allan. I was at the signing too, but I could only stay about 10 minutes (I caught the end of Cameron's speech). Bradshaw, that is me. That was ****ing hilarious man... that was actually the 2nd seminar that particular guy had attended, and to his credit...
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    "The Game" by Neil Strauss - SNEAK PEAK

    Hahahaa! Grimble is a ****ing loser man! Neil told me that he took stories from several different people and blended them together to create that character... and of course, he had to pick THAT character to put one of my stories in! I'm going to give him **** tonight when I see him... TRUST...
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    "The Game" by Neil Strauss - SNEAK PEAK

    (Continued...) I asked him what he needed dark corners for, and he replied that they were good places to take girls. I raised my eyebrows skeptically. Minutes after entering the bar, however, he made eye contact with a shy-looking girl who was talking with a friend. Without a word, Dustin...
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    "The Game" by Neil Strauss - SNEAK PEAK

    Hey guys, What up?!? I was just browsing through here like a do once in awhile (don't think I'm not keeping tabs on you guys!) and I saw someone mention "The Game"... the new book by Neil Strauss aka Style. I grabbed my copy yesterday and I COULD NOT put it down... truly a MUST READ...
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    GF Notes

    Hey guys. I actually met a girl I like! I don't know about you guys, but I used to always mess it up with the girls I was into. I've been making little notes for myself to stay on track, and I figured I'd share them with you guys. Some of this stuff is from my best friend Phil, some from...
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    DYD Seminar

    I'm going!
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    Fill your life, and love your job

    This is something I highly recommend. Never make women your #1 priority!
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    "But I have a question. What is more important? Being "in style" good looking, or being "different", but equally good looking? I always thought chicks like originality." Being different is always good, but get the style thing down first and build off of it. Be different, but still...
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    Sir_Chancealot's Advanced Sexual Techniques

    Chance, this is an AWESOME post!!! Keep it up!
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    C & F Accentuators

    A new one that I've been using A LOT..Put ice down her pants/shirt! They LOVE it!
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    The 5 C's of DJism-Going over some basic principles

    Great post. And straight to the point. I like that.
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    Ok guys, the Mentadent Tooth Whitening kit sucks. I don't know if it works or not, and I probably never will, because it's a total headache to use. NOT recommended. Can anyone recommend me something better?
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    This thread helped me out too! Thanks to Joe Boxer I went out and bought a teeth whitening kit. I'll let you guys know if it works. Thanks!
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    Oscar - Your style sounds good! I don't keep up with what's in this season (Im not gay), just what's in this year. You don't have to read a magazine to figure it out. As a matter of fact, for the most part the men's magazines recommend clothes that only a fag would wear. Just watch what the...
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    Great stuff guys. And I like that watch Victory. Thanks to JB for adding some things I forgot. For examples on the shirts I'm talking about, check out the nightclub scene in the movie "The 25th Hour". And one more thing...Wax your back! Yes it's expensive and it hurts, but it will...
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    Here's How To Make Yourself Good Looking

    Ok I think I have written a post like this before, but it's time has come around again. Kind of like when I tell every one to stop reading and posting, be cool, yada yada yada. Whatever. Anyways, many people say I'm a good looking guy. And I'm here to tell you that they are 100% RIGHT! But...
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    C & F Accentuators

    "Hold your nose when you pass by her" This is awesome! Thanks everyone for sharing...I've learned some really great stuff here.
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    ULTIMATE Dance Floor Guide

    Sorry guys, I don't know anyone who is hosting the clip anymore. Probably better for me...Im sick of getting recognized!
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    Best Revenge Ever on the EX that dumped you.

    Amen Slick. Great post.
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    C & F Accentuators

    Ghost, I learned it in the Advanced Series, which I highly recommend. I learned more little tricks like this in that Series than I have anywhere else.