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    The official Borderline Personality Disorder thread [Merged]

    BPD is no joke. But I will put it this way. A BPD woman can be literally the most fun you've ever had, and also the best sex you've ever had. But unless you are seriously a god among men mentally, BPD will take you down with it. Best to avoid, but not saying its impossible to make it work, just...
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    How to develop plates when in a "monogamous relationship?"

    Usually when I get into a relationship, I'm just too damn lazy to put any effort into getting plates, but I realize I need to start doing it. I would love to be able to pull off the scenarios women do. AKA how they have 20 white knights waiting to give them **** soon as they exit the...
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    How to develop plates when in a "monogamous relationship?"

    I've learned a lot about myself over the last few years. I've learned is that 1. I don't want kids. 2. I don't want to get married. 3. I need consistent serial monogamy to be at a good level of happiness etc. Just how I am, after 10 years I think that's just how I operate. Here is my dilemma...
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    success good for revenge?

    Well id say my band is doing quite good, and i always thought success was the best way of revenge. My ex gf i messaged recently from my bands myspace will most likely see it. Now i used to hate her quite mostly. But ive decided no point in grudges. Is success really a revenge? Either way if...
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    girlfriend has a bush...

    ok **** update! The girl is a virgin, thats probably why!! ****, now i feel like i may soon corrupt my gf, because well i corrupt all girls i date with sexually.
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    girlfriend has a bush...

    Re: Re: girlfriend has a bush... just like officially a few days.
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    girlfriend has a bush...

    **** i duno
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    girlfriend has a bush...

    Discovered tonight by hand down the pants, my gf has a full bush. **** what do i do? lol
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    Whats wrong with me?

    No i just feel like i ****ed them, and the attraction to her drops.
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    Whats wrong with me?

    Pretty much every time i have sex, when im done. I just want to leave, and not even talk to the girl. Its wierd, and always happens. Its like after it, my attraction to the girl disapears for like 24 hours. Is this normal?
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    Next move?

    Re: Re: Re: Next move? other then going to get coffee i got no ideas.
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    Next move?

    Problems with those scenarios is she walks out pretty fast after class, and we have no breaks in the class.
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    Next move?

    So yeah a girl in my college math class that i thought was hot talked to me the other day out of nowhere. About my tattoos and stuff, i introduced myself and she did as well, then we went back to paying attention to the teacher. I was thinking about just asking her with a note to get some...
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    Girl in my math class.

    Alright so there is a smoking hb 8 or 9 in my math class. Sits a row ahead of me to the right. Within talking range id say. We have to stay in the seats we are assigned because our teacher is retarded, even though its college! She has two firends i think that sit in front of me, hb 6/7s, whats...
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    Anyone know what song this is?

    a hip hop song with the words "get your hands up?" sounds like 5,000,000 songs.
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    What is the logic behind this?

    Well i hate a deep hate for my ex gf for a loooong time. We started talking again on aim, and i feel alot better? I feel alot better that i dont have this hate burrowed deep in me. But the thing is she was the only girl i ever loved, so there is still this desire in me. But i know it is the best...
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    Eurotrip: Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Munich

    how much does it cost you to go on a little eurotrip?
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    Would you be pissed?

    yeah word man
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    Would you be pissed?

    i duno man i do have a testy temper. I just thought it seemed disrespectful to me.
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    Would you be pissed?

    it does to me, pisses me off.