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    How to Make $1,000,000

    Thanks for the helpful advice! I didn't get married until I was 40. I didn't have kids until 42. Things didn't happen as you thought.
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    How to Make $1,000,000

    Hey Guru, I like what you are saying but how would you go about it? i have tried other ways of using positive affirmations and other beliefs, but things never really materialized. I didn't have the time or focus to fully see things through with life getting in the way. If I wanted to...
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    How to make dating more fulfilling?

    Until you are 100% comfortable in your own self, you will never fully be satisfied in your life. It has taken me many years to figure this out. Once I did, everything else fell into place(marriage, kids, etc...). Good luck, DTL
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    Should Have Saw It Coming

    Hey Ztime, I totally recommend seeing a psychologist. That was the best thing I have ever done. It straighten my life out. You have three in a half years with this toxic woman. You are not just walk away and not feel somewhat messed up. The psychologist will help you through what you are...
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    Should Have Saw It Coming

    I don't know if you are religious! But I would be on my hands and knees thanking God that she broke up with you! Can you imagine what life would have been like with her 10-20 years from now? If that was the way she treated you when things were good, can't imagine when things got bad...
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    Should Have Saw It Coming

    Hey ZTime, Something you may want to consider to do. Once you feel up to it, I would make a list of qualities you want your next gal to have. You can add age, looks, etc...but the most important thing to think about is what kind of qualities she has to have. As you compile this list, you...
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    Talk sense into me

    Some people are just screwed up in the head. There is no rhyme or reason for it, it just is. Accept that fact and move on. If not, you are going to keep questioning everything she says and does. Why put yourself in that agonizing position? Life is better than that!
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    Snagging the Childhood Sweetheart

    Right on! Why ruin someone else situation? It would be one thing if she wasn't happy or has been trying give you indications of wanting to get together with you is one thing. But to go out of your way to pine for someone soon to be wife seems to be desperate. I would befriend your old...
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    Biterness Towards Women

    Right On! There is some great advice on this thread! The thing that help me to focus on what I wanted was to make of list of the values that I wanted in a woman. If you only go on looks, you are going to run into some of the situations that have been posted here. Values last longer than...
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    STL Best places in Saint Louis area to pickup women day/night?

    Depends on the situation and area. I used to go to Clayton Mo for Parties in the Park and also happy hour on Friday's. I also used to go to Parties in the Plaza on the 3rd Thursday in Westport. I also used to hang out on Washington Avenue. I couldn't tell you what bars to go to since...
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    If you only go for looks, you may be disappointed

    Pro Athletes Rock Stars Celebrities Extremely wealthy Good Looking
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    GF has a crush on a new guy

    Hey BK, How old are you and your soon to be ex-girlfriend?
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    Want to hear your thoughts on marriage..

    I married late in life (39 yrs old) so I wouldn't consider myself the typical situation. Mentally I wouldn't have been mature enough in my 20's to marry anyone let alone have children. It seemed to me that those who married early never had the chance to find out about themselves and what they...
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    Question for you happily married men...

    Yes! I knew early on that I could see myself marrying her! I never had that feeling with anyone else. It seemed like every time we would get together, it felt as if we knew each other forever even though we just started dating. It was very weird but very cool at the same time. One thing you...
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    Care less, less stress

    Very true Disciple! Thanks for the tip. BTW. Are you the same guy who posted as disciple? If so, welcome back! Legend
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Tweeder, That was awesome! I don't see that being a negative experience. I see it more as being positive. Because you stood up for yourself and you put her in her place. That public speech was priceless. LOL! Take Care, Legend ------------------ "No passions, no life..." "As you walk down...
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    DJ Boot Camp - Week #1

    Dr Feelgood said: "I said "hi" 51 times, so far. And I'm not done yet. My confidence has increased greatly. I'm watching my shyness melt away, and my true Don Juan self, emerge." Me: Damn, it's only Wednesday. Dr. Feelgood has set the bar very high IMO. I need to get more working on it. Good...
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    DJ Online Correspondence University... Classes starting soon!

    Hey MOTU, Here is another idea that you may want to incorporate: In the interest of space, I will just edit this post with all of my progress. I will just use ---------- as page breaks. That way we won't have a thousand reply's. My example is already started in Week 1. Also, a question: Does...