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    how things change....

    Her name is Alyssa.She's just learnt to crawl so she likes doing it all the time.Anytime.Like 4am this morning.:cheer: it'll be out of the cot on her own next:eek:
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    The Ashes are coming home!

    England.Australia's 8th state. :kick:
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    Need some advice.

    You sound a bit like me.I'm not big on company either, but I believe that when your ready for it, it'll come to you.You don't change anything about yourself as far as I'm concerned, other than being prepared to take a risk and dive in at the deep end next time you come across a pretty face:cheer:
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    how things change....

    I cant even see any of the old crew here....sniff:( people move on I guess... I merely felt like gloating about my new baby! I married late last year and my daughter is five weeks old:D After all the odd situations I found myself in with the fellas, I managed to nab me a good one.
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    Aussie girls

    Thank you. If you are honest & real, you're going to be appreciated regardless. Why does everyone want to apply rocket science principles to something so basic?
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    How much older are you guys willing to go

    I have never dated a man who was less than five years older. My ex was 8 years older. It isn't a question of experience so much as it is that they know what they are after, and go after it without bull****ting.
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    The Alpha Male, and changing my role.

    It is fake leather.
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    any suggestions for nexting my girl?

    Re: . Thank You. Kevin-GROW UP. Show a little common courtesy. If it was three weeks you'd get away with email and you know it! It's been three months-front her like the man you think you are and you might actually become that man.
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    It's not easy being CUTE

    I agree, says this 4'10 female with big goggle eyes and a rack I could kill a man with. EVERYBODY I ever came across would think it really good to grab my arse/bearhug me/rumple my hair while screeching 'YOU"RE SOOOOO CUTE!!!!' Then my birthday rolled around last year. People started looking...
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    Bragging stories

    Here here PRL. *waits & watches the rest of the small d i c k ed boys to crawl out from under their rocks* :o
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    Embarrasing but incredibly funny...

    I burped so loudly in a restaurant in Montreal that my ex-boyfriend was so embarrassed he tried to walk out. (everyone in the joint was staring:D)
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    men don't want easy women

    Boy I damn better be the hot one ;)
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    Can we move threads where women ask for advice...

    :rolleyes: This is saying you shouldn't leave a drunk with the run of a brewery. You're kidding right? I think that you are taking the symantics of 'who should be taking advice from who' a little too far.
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    men don't want easy women

    hee hee hee. 1)Yeah, I'm sexually frustrated-frustrated that there are more men here talkin' s h i t here that should be reading howtogetyourwomanoff.com. 2)You just gotta love disease carrying ho's out cruising for c0ck by night and lining up around the block at the std clinic by day-those...
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    So I got my man....but......

    It's ok, I made the mistake and I can deal. :D What I can't deal with is people who wanna keep trifling and talkin' s h i t after the fact. That's just it- it wasn't that big a deal to me, despite the fact that I am still deeply ashamed of the way that I have behaved. I am just struggling to...
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    So I got my man....but......

    OK, this is getting retarded. I am just finishing my shift today and another girl I work with comes to me and says, "girl people are talkin s h i t about you and Freddie" (that aint his real name.) I sit down and prepare to hear how the phucker is telling people that I was beggin for it. My...
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    men don't want easy women

    Reading this makes me feel a ****load better about my current deal, despite its antagonistic feel, it rings true. Ta Craig. :cool:
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    men don't want easy women

    Re: Time to let the pigeons loose... puckin' what now?.......draggin' me into this when I did nothin. Get rooted.
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    So I got my man....but......

    the ahem, 'date' was not initated by me. He did all the asking, I just went along.
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    So I got my man....but......

    ta for the advice, things are gettin clear now.