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    Online Dating - Is this girl for real?

    i wouldn't spend a lot of money on a girl who i don't even know... take it from me, girls can be much different once you meet them in person... good luck, mate!
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    The secret to success on the phone after you get the number

    the last paragraph is the only one that makes any sense at all...
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    UMM Merc I Love you....HOLY SH*T!!

    don't say it unless you mean it
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    Any advantage to the car I buy ?

    a bmw is hardly ostentatious... now a bentley or a ferrari, maybe
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    let me tell you from experience... no, you should not email her. in fact, you should delete her email from your computer and forget that you ever knew it... good luck, mate
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    Breaking up with a girl who does NOTHING wrong..

    i neglected to take your age in to consideration with my first post. at your age, if you are having doubts or are just simply wanting to try new things, then i say go for it.
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    Breaking up with a girl who does NOTHING wrong..

    don't be stupid. if you break up with her and think that you'll find another girl like her with ease... you'll need more than your fair share of good luck.
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    first meeting from net... pay?

    in a couple days i'm going to meet up with this chick that i met over the net. we're just going to lunch and then to this 4-story tall bookstore. we've emailed quite a few times and talked on the phone once. should i offer to pay for the lunch? i'm leaning towards splitting the bill...
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    Ever Try Picking up girls at sexaholics anonymous meetings?

    it happened on an episode of "nip/tuck". if you haven't already, you should check it out. the character of dr. christian troy is definitely the best dj i've seen on tv.
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    I think this is an Awesome 2nd Date

    i just did this exact thing on a first date. it went pretty well, but may have been a little much for a first date with a girl i barely know. but it was fun. good luck, mate.
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    Do interested gals really not call back?

    it has always been my experience that an interested girl will call you back. and if she's just not calling because she's playing games...that's a waste of time in my book.
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    Quick Call Question

    dude, nothing bad is going to happen if you call her. what, is she going to break up with you? i hope not. if something bad should happen, then she's not worth your time. it's a phone call! geez...just relax and call your girlfriend back. as supergiglaoDJ said, at least you know she has...
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    A situation to learn from

    couldn't of said it better myself. i just got done with a chick that did the exact same thing you described. it was hard, and still is, but i've nexted her. who the hell knows what girls are thinking...and they'll never give you a straight answer--probably because they don't even know...
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    UPDATE well, it worked... she texted me this afternoon saying that she wouldnt be able to make it tomorrow--she's done. NEXT!
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    christz: yeah, pretty much after thinking about it some more, it does sound kind of desperate. i'm going to do my best to forget this girl. i probably won't answer her call if/when she calls and just move on.
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    indeed i do have other prospects. i just want her to be aware that i won't be trying to contact her anymore, and that if she wants to spend time together, she should contact me. what's wrong with that?
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    my plan is this: if she accepts: take her out, kiss her and see how she reacts. if she does not accept: simply tell her that i now know where she and i stand and that if she wants to go out in the future, she should feel free to contact me.
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    i'd like to get flat out rejected rather than guessing what the girl's thinking. if she denies my request for a date with her, then i'll get the hint. i just want her to say that she's no longer interested if that's the case.
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    she didn't disappear for weeks at a time. her contact had been getting less frequent, then she went home for springbreak. last week was our first week back and she did start contacting me again. my goal is simply to find out if she's interested or not. i'm not into waiting around for...
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    Checking IL and making her reject you...

    that's what i had been doing...i stopped contacting her for almost 2 weeks. just last week she started contacting me again. she started calling multiple times a day again and texting... i thought this should be my next step because i had given her the space she seemed to have wanted...