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    Is shoulder work neccessary?

    So mrR., would you say I am hitting my shoulders enough, would you add overhead presses or would you maybe add bent over rows?
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    Is shoulder work neccessary?

    I want to try a really simple workout routine, i.e. squats, deadlifts, bench presses, chinups and calf raises. Would overhead presses be neccessary to work the whole body?
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    Tips on buying 'bells

    But couldn't I grow by simply using a dumbbell and doing snatches, jerks and cleans?
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    Tips on buying 'bells

    Hey. I'm thinking about buying some weights so I can do my lifting at home. I want to make this as cheap as possible, while getting as much value and weight as possible out of it. So, what are the basic exercises you HAVE to do to get big, and what equipment would I need for them. Also, how much...
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    Has a fat girl ever done this to you?

    LMAO^^Eat me^^. Well, at least I'd be the first healthy, high protein meal she's had in a while, I guess. :rockon:
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    Has a fat girl ever done this to you?

    A few days a go I went by a fat girl and her girlfriend (platonic, I guess^^) on my bike. I think I may know her, but I aint sure. As I was passing them the friend screamed "she loves you" after me. I drove on. She wasn't monstrously obese and had an alright face, but certainly too fat to be...
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    Looks are the only thing that matters!!

    Could it be that a confident guy is like a (slightly) slutty girl? You know you're gonna **** and that she'll probably kiss you on the first date. Of course you'd rather have a "nice girl", but they are always such a pain in the ass to do anything sexual with. Couldn't this be almost exactly...
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    Down-to-earth: A perspective

    Just to clarify: Is he muscular? Oh, and do you think he will make it big someday, being smart and hard working?
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    Attraction is NOT a choice

    Hm. A lot of people on this board seem to think that girls somehow don't care what guys look like. I think this is because many people don't think they are attractive visually, and can't live with the fact that women care about looks. And by looks I mean the body and the face. There are many...
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    She didnt answer my calls last night, or today, and she wrote me this message.

    Either you're not being a man, or she's cheating on you. Actually, that's the same thing :p
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    Girls/ppl won't leave me alone at gym!

    I noticed the same thing when doing deadlifts and bent-over rows. Nobody does them, so I sometimes get stared at. I actually think it's kinda cool:p
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    How far in do you stick your tongue?

    Hey. How far do you go with your tongue when kissing? I seem to only be able to reach and play with the front part of a girls tongue. A lot of people speak about sticking their tongue down a girl's throat. Is this just overstating it?
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    Yake's workout journal

    Ok. Only two more questions remain :p : So, should I literally walk to the gym, or should I just go really slow on the treadmill or something or not warm up at all? Also, do you recomend I do weighted hyperextensions and eventually use a weight belt for dips? Or should I just keep doing them...
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    Yake's workout journal

    Ok. So I am gonna do a 3 day push/pull/leg split. Here's what I am gonna do: Push: Db Bench Press: warmup until I feel ready (on every exercise) 2x5 Barbell Overhead Press: 2x8 French Presses: 2x8 (Is it ok to leave the incline DB presses out since I am using DB's for my flat presses?) Weighted...
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    Yake's workout journal

    Thanks for your quick reply! No, this is push/pull three days a week. The reason I am using push/pull is that it allows me to do more exercises per workout. I just have a hard time filling 45 minutes if I don't do lots of sets with many exercises. Of course, I could just lengthen my pause...
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    Can you eat oatmeal raw?

    Sure you can. I live in germany, and most people just eat it as a cereal. Just take some oatmeal and add milk. Tada! Great breakfast if you add other stuff.
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    Yake's workout journal

    After an experiment workout on friday, I changed my workout routine to a push/pull split. Also, now the only machines I am using are a smith machine, a crunch machine, a treadmill and a pulldown machine. Here is my push workout for sunday: 10 min. warmup run Barbell Squat (bar on shoulders)...
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    guy at gym is hellbent onme NOT doing squats

    So, would doing leg presses or leg extensions be safer? What about hyperextensions? I'm 16, and I sure could wait another 2 years and just do alternative exercises. The question is, are they safer?
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    guy at gym is hellbent onme NOT doing squats

    Is it possible that machine squats are harder than barbell squats, at least on some machines? The machine in my gym is somehow slanted and allows you to go very far down. I use that right now. 50 kg (110 pounds I think) are ****ing hard. Of course, I am just starting out, but still. I am gonna...
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    Yake's workout journal

    Since WBA didn't tell me what I could improve (besides machine squats), here's my latest workout: PD: Pulldown IDP: Incline DB Bench Press DL: Deadlift MS: Machine Squat BR: Bent over Barbell Row CR: Calf Raise AC: Abdominal Crunch DMP: Dumbbell Military Press 5 min. warmup run IDP...