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    examples of email macking (long)

    Dude, online macking is for chumps get some balls and go up to girls in PERSON!! havent you learned anything here?
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    How To Steal a Girlfriend

    Cool! good post have you shagged anyones girls using your tips?
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    parking lot closes

    phonix eye... great tip, and this has actually happened to me just the way that you have described it a couple of time... Sex in the car is kinda risky dont you think... sometimes I tell them to go outside and the biggest objection is that they dont want to leave their friends or some other BS...
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    second part of my first post

    phoenix-eye, Hey I was just wondering which place do you think is the best place to just hang out at the club.. by that I mean at the bar? or by the dance floor? the patio outside? in your opinion which place gives the best oportunity to meet and hook up?
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    Having female friend$

    Yo hotrod.. yeah female friends do have some usage.. as long as they dont like you or vise versa
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    Having female friend$

    hotrod.. Its allways a good idea to have girls that are your friends for the simple fact that they know lot of other girls that you could hook up with.. not only that when I go out with this particular girl, she helps me hook up with other girls.. she notices when other girls are looking at me...
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    9 things every guy needs in his apartment.

    12. DONT forget the condoms!
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    for the rejectophobic

    Interesting way of putting it...I like it.
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    Become a GREAT lover!

    DeagleClaw.. I couldnt agreee with you any more... Ive been with lots of women... more than I care to admit and I learned lots of thing from women 5 to 8 years older than myself... practice does make prefect.. but I think you allway learn something new... plus the older women are soooo much...
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    Peak & Rico - Some club questions

    Thanks Peak... thats alot of good info Ill try it out this weekend...
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    Peak & Rico - Some club questions

    Hey sorry to butt in here, but this is suck a good post... This is for peak... you said that youve gotten so good at telling witch girls are just flirts and with ones have just gotten into a fight with their boyfriends... How? what do you look for? Revenge in their eyes or what? I think that...
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    Do you want women to pick you up? (This time pls,dont insult me)

    I dont really like the note part... I have to agree it just seems way toooo Tacky..... its better than nothing... but just too cheesie..... Ive never tried it though.... go try it out this weekend and let us know what kind of responce you got
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    Hand Kissing???

    I would say dont do it right off the bat when you first meet the girl...I would go with what Sara said "the firm handshake" and look directly at her when you do it... If you feel that you MUST do the kiss on the hand, I would wait until the end as youre about to leave to do it..The reason why I...