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  1. K

    the most disgusting thing girls ever did to u

    this chick i had an ltr (2 years) with cheated on me, i only discovered weeks after she had started her affair.the part that killed me was when i discovered she had ****ed the guy using condoms that i had bought,expensive condoms for that matter. the second part that killed me was when i...
  2. K

    My Amazing LTR GF has a "Bad Past"

    i went through the same **** , had this girl who worshipped the ground i walked on,was very sweet looked like she never hurt a fly etc...then later i found out she had a "past"..like you it seemed to ruin things a bit, i didnt even want to touch her considering what she'd done.It disgusted...
  3. K

    Friends who game women you have interest in

    im for the notion bro's before hoes,,sum guys are total deuche bags and act like hyennas, the moment you start gaming a chick they try to displace you and move in for the kill.its almost as if they have no real game of their own......a good wingman backs of when his friend starts gaming a chick