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    Sluts - Love em or Hate em?

    So this is something I've never actually seen pop up on a community forum. Sluts. What's your thoughts? Now when I use the term slut, I mean the true definition of it. Someone who is sexually promiscuous. And of course we're talking about girls here. I mean...If you take the real...
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    What do you do when you go to bars alone?

    I want to make this easy for you: Q: What do you do when you go to bars alone? A: Talk to people. It's that simple. No one thinks your weird. No one gives a ****. Lush.
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    I need to rant

    One of the hardest AFC things I had to get over was building up girls in my head. You're having the same problem. Right now, it seems, and I might be wrong, that you see this girl and probably every other girl as they key to you fixing something in you called virgin. And that sucks, because...
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    Philadelphia represent!

    Yo, I saw in my thread that there are alot of guys in the Philly area on here and I think we need to start discussing the general strategy of getting laid in the PHL. Personally, I've found more luck in the surrounding areas - The burbs. No idea why, but it seems like girls have their guards...
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    spitting game at work

    It's my general opinion to not **** where you eat. That is all.
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    I need e-books

    Without knowing anything at all, I can see where your coming from, but bombarding yourself with information now is the worst thing you can do. My advice to you is to go get some nice clothes (button down shirt, jeans and dress shoes will be fine at first), join a gym whether your already in...
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    songs that touch your soul

    The end of heartbreak - Killswitch Engaged
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    Hey, I'm Lush

    DTP I would love to write that review and let you know my feelings. Where would be an appropriate place to do that? Soloman - Gotcha bro....been doing this for some years now with quite a bit of success, but thanks for the insight. AAA - I would like to spend a little more time in the...
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    Stop Masturbating

    This post was actually quite absurd. I agree with you that on a biological level we have a need to ejaculate. That's why we do it in our sleep if we don't take care of ourselves. However, I would like to see the study that says not jerking off will "Guaranteed" cause illness. It's shown to...
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    Hey, I'm Lush

    ****...To clarify when I say, "I worked with RSD" I mean I took a bootcamp. Not that I worked for them. I'm alright, but I'm not that ****ing good. It's cool to see Philly people here. Maybe I'll throw together a little happy hour somewhere on a Saturday night and we'll all get together...
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    is weed bad?

    This is totally a personal thing. Everyone has different experiences with it. Some people like it and some don't. But being a one time chronic user (everyday for months on end), I can say that you grow tired of it. It's great at first but after a while it just makes you think too much. I...
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    I've been using Durex for as long as I've been sexually active (about 6 years)...not a single bust yet.
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    Stop Masturbating

    I have just recently stopped masterbating myself and have found that it really increases my desire. Saturday night was really the first time I had been around women since I stopped. As soon as I picked out the girl in the bar I liked the most, I got some signs like she might be into me. At...
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    Zero to Hero from Bootcamp!?!

    I've worked with two companies. First one was RSD. I do not recommend this. I'm not gonna talk **** on another company, but I had about the worst, most aggravating 8 months after that bootcamp and never got laid from it. However, after that I worked with Will Daddy from some of the David D...
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    Be a "cool guy" or a "Man?" There is a BIG difference!

    I agree with pretty much everyone here. You can be both. No one is one thing all the time. Besides, this is a bit of an abstract theory of yours and not exactly proven fact. You need to look inside and find out who you are and what makes you great. And then you need to enhance those...
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    what the **** does this mean?

    I think you should ask her. Just be like, "HAHA...WTF does that mean?" See what she replies. What do you have to lose at this point, right? I mean, yeah, she might have been leading you on and that would suck, but at the same time she picked you to lead on so I think that means that she...
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    Hey, I'm Lush

    Hey guys, You can read my name. I'm from Philly. Have been trolling these boards for a long time now. Years and years, but recently, I've made some changes that have sent my sex drive shooting through the roof. The big thing I did was stop masterbating. Holy crap! I've been doing that...