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    Think FB Might Flake Do I Remind Her?

    Just a thought If the girl is loosing IL slightly shouldn't you bump her down on your list of broads. If shes flaky you shouldn't set her up for a Saturday IMO She now knows you have nothing planed for Saturday, If anything you should cancel on her and say something came up and schedule for a...
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    How to Manage my harem

    So I have just recently been able to pull off a MLTR with two females, I don't know why it took me so long to realize that being brutally honest with girls through clever sub communication, while at the same time not making them feel like a *****, Along with good sex. is pretty much the key...
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    Facebook Tips

    This month I have gotten 5 numbers from college aged girls ranging from HB 8-10. Using simple FB exchanges all while working a 50hr work. With that said here are some tips I have compiled that may save you some time. Tip 1. Cold approaching girls Via facebook Is a total shot in the dark. And in...
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    From socializing to getting laid

    Theres no single answer for any of these questions, It all dealt through with experience and sarging a large amount of girls. Just like mastering a sport or trade it takes trail and error. Yes you can read tips to get a slight advantage just like with everything in life but unless you put...
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    Newbie Here Please Critique My Text Exchange With a HB9+ Model

    Your qualifying and comfort building when you should be running attraction and setting up a date! And fruit bat that is pure gold deff. gonna try it.
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    Ways to Increase Actual and Perceived Value

    My thoughts Actual Value= Mystery This is what turns women on, The not knowing what your day job is, how many push ups you did this morning. What your house looks like. If you give women good emotions stimulate them sexually and keep them guessing there minds are wired to fill in all the...
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    32m - No Contact for 24 days.

    Your story really resonates with me since someone form my social group is going through almost the exact thing you are going through now, even some of the finer details seem very close to his story. This is besides the point and since you came here for advice i'm going to tell it to you like I...
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    When to Stop Dating Other People?

    six months or up to a year, most relationships fizzle by then anyways.
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    LJBF ed at the first date?!?!

    Lets just be friends is usually a sign of to much comfort and not enough attraction, By texting every day before the meet up you built alot of comfort lost alot of your mystery, You can salvage but it usually takes time you need to slowly tease her and get compliance and qualify her, while at...
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    Been dating this girl for six months.........then today she tells me that last night

    If she plays that game go and a date with another female, i have actually been in this situation before. She went out for lunch with a guy, So I hung out solo with an old female friend. She was so upset about it, But Finally she realized that she had done the same thing and promised she wouldn't...
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    openers for facebook

    No one liners, but believe it or not writing something genuine and sweet about a post she makes on her wall usually works to get a number if you have mutual friends. Have a dialogue there if she seems interested. PM her Saying something like. What's your number?You seem like a...
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    Flaking after first date - When to next

    Financed some women are natural texters, You will have more luck txting her instead of calling. And if she txt you how good of a time she had you deff need to ask her if she has any big plans coming up? and set up a date for when you got back. Did you even let her Know you where leaving? She...
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    Texts - Lack of Interest

    I was PMed asking if name is Yours or Hers for verification it is the Girls Name, During Number exchanges to keep from getting the WHO IS THIS response this is what I do. While talking to the girl and at the time i want her number, I pull out my Iphone and tinker with it ask the girl what...
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    Texts - Lack of Interest

    This is the only txt you need of course with slight variances depending on certain variables. name, Whats going on hope your night was fun. Im just getting ready for the week... Any big plans coming up? In this one text you cover all your bases, Gives the reciever lots of options to...
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    I made out with a girl, and girls ARE poisnous.

    Its part of society, It part of Evolving the human race, Its Adam and Eve ****. Now that thats out of the way Proceed to bang proclaimed HB
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    If you start living in the moment, fear disappears. Fear comes through desire. So basically, desire creates fear. Look into it. Whenever there is fear, see from where it is coming — what desire is creating it — and then see the futility of it. Fear is natural. Don’t condemn it, and don’t feel...
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    looking for an interesting read, Theres a book i bought about a year ago that I found extremely interesting on the subject of FEAR. The 50th law by Robert Greene. Chronicles the life of 50 cent, . The whole book is about becoming fearless, great read. Robert greene is best know for the 48 laws...
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    Been dating this girl for six months.........then today she tells me that last night

    I think all these guys are taking this in the wrong direction. She has Mind ****ed you, you have lost your leadership control over the relationship. You need to gain this back, You must not show insecurity, You take control of the situation. You have decided she is worth investing time in, SO...
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    Asking her to send naked pics

    My girlfriend gets naked and plays with her self on skype, Ha we started out sending naked photos when i Was working out of town. All you need to do is Build some comefort over the phone, and then start getting her hot learn to use sexual tension in your favor to progress (saying something...
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    If a girl comes to your place, **** her. She's not there for tea and biscuits.

    Hahahahah aaaaa Lu we need this place hahahahha You dont no where ive been, please lu Pleeeeases. hahahha THANKS LU