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    Going call this girl w/ kid tonight to set up 2nd date

    Yes, there are alot of posts that echo the 'don't date women with kids'. I do agree that a good portion of women with children are looking for someone to either take care of them or be a safety net. But there are plenty of women with no kids that look for the same thing. And i agree with an...
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    gut feeling has gone awol

    Thanks guys, that helps. Yes, ride with it being friends is great advice. Thanks.
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    gut feeling has gone awol

    Hello mature forum. I've been a lurker and poster here for a few years now. I find myself in an odd situation. I won't go into detail on this post. Basically, i've date this girl for about 2 years. broke up twice. When we broke up recently my gut told me it was the right thing. fast...
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    How have u gotten over "LOVE" ?

    This simple answer is TIME. The thing that got me past 'her' was finally realizing that based on what happened, I can never take her back and keep my self respect. This of course is situation specific.
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    X-Boyfriend In The Back!

    I would pull back from this girl. I wouldn't send her a message back via text message. And definatley not the 'other girl' message you mentioned. If she calls you while she's out of town. Chit chat for a minute or so but ask if you can talk to her later (or when she gets back into town)...
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    I need your opinion on this situtation.

    #3, #5, #6 are KEY points when dealing with hotties who know it. I learned this the hard way. Distance yourself some. Definatley don't call back right away. And most definatley DON"T ever ask about the relationship/love/girlfriend whatever question to her. She NEEDS to bring it up...
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    Balling a married woman

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: married women I should have added that if your dating a married women it's a good bet she'll cheat on you. Why anyone would want to date a married women I don't know. I was essentially agreeing with you that why do you have to date them...I was saying don't expect...
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    Balling a married woman

    Re: Re: Re: Re: married women In my original post i said: "If all your in it for is a F*ck then hey go for it. If you get shot by the hubby I won't shed a tear for you. "
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    Balling a married woman

    Re: Re: married women I'd look at myself AND next her. Back to the subject though, I agree to the extent of why would you bother with a married women. Goes with the rule, if she cheats on her hubby she'll cheat on you. If all your in it for is a F*ck then hey go for it. If you get shot...
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    Should I laugh it off or say something

    Hey Mahon, been awhile. While I think B's suggestion is very funny. I believe that would be 'stooping to their level' and I know your above that. I wouldn't even consider this guy a friend. Why do you even hang out with him? I wouldn't even do anything back and forget about them. hang out...
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    Great first date, but awkward second date???

    Try an action date for a 2nd date. Then it doesn't put so much emphasis on having a discussion. As far as the 1st girl you described. It just sounds like she got pi$$ed because you didn't let her manhandle you in the video store and she may not be used to being told 'no'. At least NO in...
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    my gf's son

    Thank god he's got a DJ to help mentor him through.
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    Great first date, but awkward second date???

    How much do you tell them about yourself during the first date? I've found it best to keep them talking about them. When they ask me questions about myself I keep them brief and not an indepth account of myself. That whole mystery thing. Do you ask them out for a 2nd date like the next day...
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    Relationship Anxiety?

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    The ultimate Don Juan

    If you get a chance, watch the movie the rat pack (the newer one with Ray Liotta) FRank is the man!
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    When it comes to friends, I don't ****block and vice versa. If it's in a club/cafe/bookstore whatever than the best DJ wins. Don't get me wrong I don't think you should go out of your way to CB a stranger. Your DJ charm and personality should set you apart anyway.
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    HELP! Very insecure and uncomfortable with GF being friends with X [Merged threads]

    This is interesting. I'm going to have to try this. I agree with the rest of the fella's. You shouldn't have told her who she can hang with. And props to Player for adding that you shouldn't have to tell her cuz you should be the only one she's focused on. And i know of no easy way out of...
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    dating and kids

    Sorry, my original post was a little unclear. The girls father is active (not as much as he should be) in her life. He see's her twice a week. I just was looking for some pointers on how to deal with the various BS one goes through when dating someone with kids. Thanks for your replies.