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  1. K

    5 Reasons Why Women Care About Height

    WTH is wrong with MEN obsessing over height. Height is just a ****-test from women. Stop being losers, these pathetic men running around talking about height more than women wth is wrong with these ppl.
  2. K

    Single alpha Male in 30s is the holy grail

    This the pivotal point to the post. Yes, men in their 30s are much more attractive to women. This will also be the case if we lived in a 'socialist' state where say, evreyone had the same money for instance. Other differentiating factors such as social status, confidence, knowledge, life...
  3. K

    Until man has got in shape and started earning decent money, he shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on gender dynamics

    Stop working hard. Start thinking smart. Its all a Game. Dont get sucked into the system or you will lose. See the Game then it all becomes clear. To See the Game you have to step back from it, and think. Observe. Learn. Test.
  4. K

    Do you agree with Tesla that humans are nothing more then advanced robots with no soul?

    The Kavi Resonant Frequency Information Framework will revolutionise our understanding of the Universe. In this Framework, Consciousness is a type of informtion related to a universal resonant frequency permeating the universe that has remembered and encoded information since the beginning of...
  5. K

    Difference bw theory and practice

    A top level Alpha Male doesnt 'switch it up' or change. You have to be consistent. If you swittch it up, the girl is gonna feel like you trickerd her, she is gonna play back at you the same way. You dont want a woman who is too unstable. You need to be stable so she can be stable. The problem...
  6. K

    The Truth about Female Attraction & Why men continue to fail with women

    And Im saying all the self-improvement advice in the manosphere is **** advice cos it doesnt talk about the Game. Telling a guy that to be good with women he should looks-max, gym-max, money-max, hobbies-max etc is like telling a soccer player that to improve he should work on speed, strenght...
  7. K

    The Truth about Female Attraction & Why men continue to fail with women

    I joined this forum maybe two years ago to discuss Game. All I've heard for those years is non-Game concepts like hobbies, money, height, looks. I dont get why men dont understand Game. Look let me explain Game easily to you guys. Lets use the analogy of sports, like Soccer. Good soccer...
  8. K

    Are you happy that Hollywood is dying?

    It's not just Hollywood. Many things will lose hype or 'relevance over the coming years'. I just read this yesterday that even Streaming services and showing less and less stuff...
  9. K

    Promiscuity and Pair Bonding

    'Bonding' is just a function of harmonizing vibes between a man and a woman. Men have stronger vibes (vibrations) than woman, so the male vibe is more important for whether bonding (synchonization) occurs or not. Infact, females can 'bond' quite easily with men as long the men can produce the...
  10. K

    Promiscuity and Pair Bonding

    Pair Bonding is like Frequencies vibing and harmonisizing together. If your playing in tune and beating together it is a bond. If you are just together it dont mean ****. Everything is about frequencies vibing and harmonizing. If a DJ mixes two songs together correctly then it sounds good but if...
  11. K

    Dont be her Fantasy!

    To break a womans fantasy is the same as breaking her ego. She has to lose power. That means you make the rules. The easiest way is to simply make her wait. She will try to forget you and tell herself she aint attracted to you cos you " lost your chance" "was too p2ssy to make a move", "let...
  12. K

    Dont be her Fantasy!

    Idk man, icba explaining stuff to ppl, I dont get why ppl cant figure out this stuff, im giving the direction, its easy to figure out the further steps and a high iq is not required so Idk why the general level of intellect is so low. The reasons like I said I simple. Look at most guys who have...
  13. K

    Dont be her Fantasy!

    All women have a fantasy. This fantasy is dying but its not dead yet. Do not be this guy. Her Fantasy guy: FInancially/Careerwise Successful Good-looking Tall Motivated Doesnt question the system No Morals, no thinking. Aggressive Goes for what he wants Works hard Horny, Sexualised WANTS HER...
  14. K

    article: Rise of the 30-something women who have NEVER had a boyfriend

    The quality of men across the spectrum is too low. This is because women have a certain level of inherent Game that men actually need to develop, and this system pushes men away from learning Game (social, emotional, vibe, connection, etc) because the socio-economic system doesnt allow time...
  15. K

    Best sex iv'e ever had.

  16. K

    Does 'Phase Transition' explain the world today

    I think this is the turning point of a 10K year cycle or 'phase'. IMO we are now entering the calm zone. I say this because I have a huge drop-off of energy in many ways: 1.Upto about a year or so ago, I was seeing massive blowups on talking apps, forums etc. Major drama and energy, lots of...
  17. K

    Do you agree with Tesla that humans are nothing more then advanced robots with no soul?

    No, it doesnt make sense. Look at electromagnetic effect post NDE. People experiencing NDEs have these weird electromagnetic effects that cause electrical items to malfunction around them, along with other weirdness, for the rest of the their lives. This hints at some kind of 'wave' effect...
  18. K

    Dayrestan, Iran unofficially ties heat index record with unfathomable 178 degree reading

    Ofcourse its a woke conspiracy that burning fossil fuels and releasing pollution, cutting down trees and removing nature can have a (negative) effect on the environment. There is no scientific proof that the environment can change if we create lots of 'pollution'. Infact, 'pollution' itself is...
  19. K

    Does 'Phase Transition' explain the world today

    So recently I was 'talking' to this AI, Claude.AI, about some thoughts I had about philosophy, science concepts, specifically something about everything being composed of unseen lower or higher dimension 'waves'. Its actually pretty smart but I'm too tired to explain properly here.. Anyway...
  20. K

    Do you agree with Tesla that humans are nothing more then advanced robots with no soul?

    Recently I have come to believe in a 'soul' that rises to a higher dimension upon death. So no. There is some interesting studies on people who have had Near Death Experiences having weird electromagnetic effects like phones, watches, computers stop working. Some of these people also have very...