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  1. The Duke

    Brace yourself gents; the wall for PREGNANCY is beyond 45 now...

    Fellas, when I'm 55 I'm retiring and moving to Mexico and building me a compound. Its gonna have gardens, grotto's, pools, 50 naked women on the payroll, hot tubs, 50 Shades sex dungeons, tacos, swim up mini bars, and lots of tequila. You won't have to worry about all this SoSuave schitt. I...
  2. The Duke

    Pick up is just like the dieting industry!

    Brother, pull your pants up. I know your momma raised you better. ;-)
  3. The Duke

    TikTok Is Much More Dangerous Than You Thought.

    Ole California, they are setting all sorts of trends. Their corporations are moving out, so are their people, and even their own dem's are going to sue the state/city govt over too many bums schitting all over the place and doing dope on every sidewalk.
  4. The Duke

    Young guy debunks the age pill cope for men

    I thought the same thing.
  5. The Duke

    TikTok Is Much More Dangerous Than You Thought.

    If you think about it there are many parallels that can be drawn between social media and drugs/alcohol. Society has laws and restrictions on drugs/alcohol yet has done very little to limit social media. I feel for the generations that came after Gen X, they are hooked on social media, and...
  6. The Duke

    Young guy debunks the age pill cope for men

    This guy projects a lot based on his own personal belief's. He also throws away years of evolution. His own outlook is really limiting. Dude sounds flat boring to hang out with. He thinks that 30year olds dating 20 year olds is a bad deal and everybody settles down by age 30(like he has)...
  7. The Duke

    What Women Think About Monogamy

    You see more and more non-monogamy based relationships. I could totally understand why a man would be interested, but I think most women would have a difficult time. Women have a hard time fuhking for sport unless they have mental issues. Sex forms a lot of emotional bonds with women.
  8. The Duke

    mall game is dead

    Book stores are pretty easy to approach girls at. I would open them with "hey, the how to get a cute guy" books are on the next aisle over.
  9. The Duke

    Where Do You Meet Women?

    Just start chatting up strangers when you are out running errands, at the gym, etc. Thats really what its about. Guys make it too complicated when their goal is to get a girls phone number.
  10. The Duke

    Where Do You Meet Women?

    How about this, hit the local bar happy hour. Talk to women Yes, it kind of is unreasonable. You have stated that you have little free time. I would think you would want to spend it with your wife and kid, not hitting on random wh0res. Its really selfish, and not fulfilling. Worry about...
  11. The Duke

    Where Do You Meet Women?

    @Money & Muscle You were very concerned about your wife was using Instagram to talk to some guy from, yet you are going out to hit on girls and collect phone numbers. (just for practice) Do you plan on handing your phone to your wife when she suspects you of doing something you shouldn't...
  12. The Duke

    Recently swallowed red pill / intense ex / children / lost and confused

    Just think how rotten those kids will be when they are teenagers from crazy dysfunctional parents. Just let them know you are there for them. Check on them from time to time, but you need to move on. Those kids will cause you issues with any new woman you ever get serious with.
  13. The Duke

    Check this guy out - Asian dude bags model

    So you are saying it's likely many rich and powerful men do have hot women, they are just kept under wraps, and the Ms. Average is what these types show to the public?
  14. The Duke

    Your girl going to parties

    We don't buy tickets for parties in America unless it's for some major event. What kind of party?
  15. The Duke

    The Dating Pool Dropouts

    @All_Kindz_Of_Gainz no one attacked you personally, yet you took it that way. Talk about sensitive. Several of us point out what is fairly wide held, common knowledge supported by some links and you refuse to understand the point. You still deny and toss rocks.
  16. The Duke

    Girls just wanna have fun!

    https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/disturbing-gen-z-social-media-trend-threatens-america-most-important-institution She repeatedly hammers in the point that she wouldn’t be able to have such a fun life if she had to take care of a husband and children. Mazur’s video went viral on X (formerly known...
  17. The Duke

    Your girl going to parties

    Swinger parties? What kind of party do you need an advance ticket for?
  18. The Duke

    What do you guys like to do on your days off?

    On my days off I race cars. I also ride Atv's, horses, and girls! I like live music, dancing, drinking. I like campfires on my land. I like time on my tractor moving dirt or mowing pastures. I also like to build things with my hands.
  19. The Duke

    Put these h0es in their place

    It hasn't always been this way. What has happened to inflate their egoes? What can be done to deflate them? Or with men giving up and realizing the juice isn't worth the squeeze are we seeing the beginning of deflating the female ego balloon? Eventually when you price yourself out of the...
  20. The Duke

    Check this guy out - Asian dude bags model

    Just curious what your age is? How many girls have you been with?