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  1. darksprezzatura

    Woman has purchased ticket to visit me, but I'm seeing someone

    Do you want to be her boyfriend? Do you want to spin plates or you’re ready for a relationship? Have you made a commitment? Do you want to cheat on your commitment? Maybe these questions would help you decide
  2. darksprezzatura

    Where do you meet woman?

    Instagram mostly. Sometimes parties with mutual friends. Some hobby groups I participate it. Social circles around school, uni etc. I’m not a huge cold approach fan, I prefer folks who are vouched for already
  3. darksprezzatura

    How to get her on a date after number closing?

    1. Make a plan for yourself - rock climbing on Sunday? You got it 2. “There’s this really amazing rock climbing place I’m going at 3 pm on Sunday, feel free to come along.” 3. Anything other than an enthusiastic yes is a next. 4. Stay safe, wear protection.
  4. darksprezzatura


    I just read this. Instead of chasing butterflies, build a garden, the butterflies would automatically come. Just thought I’d share. It’s been a while. Hope you guys are doing great.
  5. darksprezzatura

    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    Okay, so after years of the above, I’ve reached a place in my life with my looks, fitness, social status, money, job etc that I am currently rotating like 10-15 plates right now. I forget women I sleep with now, or plates that I might want to maintain. The abundance has deteriorated my...
  6. darksprezzatura

    Reality Check

    If I have to intentionally delay my response to a woman or more in order to not appear clingy or needy and have that abundance mindset, I have no life and I am not ready for a girlfriend. Using other women to appear unavailable would work artificially, but would not let me focus on my purpose...
  7. darksprezzatura

    How often have you been approached by women?

    Every event I perform at, women throw their numbers at me.
  8. darksprezzatura

    Does game even exist for a high value man?

    How can a man truly become rich, successful or fit (if that’s what he wants) without game? It’s that internal dialogue in our head, our self perception and our self worth, that we project outwards. The value we bring to the table is accumulated through obstacles, overcoming them requires game...
  9. darksprezzatura

    Advice needed for hanging out with an alpha

    You’re the sum of the closest people around you. It helps me to keep good company around me for my own life.
  10. darksprezzatura

    I’m cheating on her at this moment

    I don’t know how to get her to amicably leave me alone
  11. darksprezzatura

    I’m cheating on her at this moment

    She came over, smashed my brains out, tried to resolve whatever is bothering me, asking me how she can make me happy etc.
  12. darksprezzatura

    I’m cheating on her at this moment

    I obviously am going to feel alone and feel the full spectrum of my emotions now. I will manage it by focusing on my life and its growth.
  13. darksprezzatura

    I’m cheating on her at this moment

    I actually felt that I was being taken for granted by her. I made the mistake to accommodate her at the expense of my focus on my own life and goals. Lesson learnt. I feel letting her go without any emotional scars of my blunders is the way to go.
  14. darksprezzatura

    I’m cheating on her at this moment

    I broke up with her.
  15. darksprezzatura

    Plates vs love

    Spot on
  16. darksprezzatura

    girls that smoke weed

    Feels judgemental to me. Different folks find different ways to cope. Some of the most successful people I know blaze.
  17. darksprezzatura

    when a girl is too comfortable around you

    If you like her ask her out. Figuring out a woman is not your job
  18. darksprezzatura

    I’m cheating on her at this moment

    Personally I don’t want to cheat. I want to break up with her. I’ve expressed that many times, and in a way that’s civil and kind and we both stay in touch and get back together. This keeps repeating. I feel like I am not taking a stand and acting weak and spineless because I love her (or so...