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    The Ultimate Secret to Women (and business and life)

    When an organization is struggling, it seeks new leadership (CEO). When a team is struggling it seeks new leadership (coach) When a species is struggling it seeks new leadership (religion/messiah) When a relationship is struggling, it seeks new leadership (Don Juan) There is a universal...
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    The Daily Private Victory (How to become high value)

    In order to achieve public victory, you must first achieve private victory - when no one is looking. People who choke in pressure situations and aren’t clutch in public are lacking in private victory. What do I mean by private victory? Daily self improvement in the physical, spiritual, and...
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    The End of Fresh of Fit?

    What Ive learn is that guys who get laid know the shortcomings of modern day women but they don’t complain about it. They simply pump and dump and move on. The guys who dwell on the low integrity of women seem suspicious because no guy who gets laid regularly complain about low quality women...
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    My d$ck is broken, still get b1tches

    I once had a woman tell me fast and rough anal felt less painful and more pleasurable than slow anal. This is because when you are rough, you make her feel more feminine and open, hence the pleasure outweighs the pain. The only pain she’ll feel is soreness afterwards. But slow anal doesn’t make...
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    Some of us get to swallow multiple redpills (stuffed down our throat) and YET dont get it..

    Women don’t matter. The only thing that matters is YOU. The focus on women’s body count is totally wrong. I don’t give a damn if the woman I’m hooking up with has hooked up with 50 guys or 5 guys. That’s because I view myself as the center. And I know there will be more of her. I am the...
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    fun is much more valuable than muscles and money (and status too)

    I see. Your question doesn’t apply to the real world and women. Women do not CHOOSE between the fun, successful, and educated guy with the dad bod vs the similarly fun, successful, and educated ripped guy. They simply give their number to both and fvck both. You’re projecting your either/or...
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    fun is much more valuable than muscles and money (and status too)

    The answer is the guy who is the most popular. Women are herd creatures and they have a hive mind. Have you ever noticed when all women seem to be attracted to you and when all women seem to be repelled by you, no matter how ripped or fat you were? Look no further than fat male celebs who can...
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    True or False: Girls only sh*t test when they like you

    Why in the world would women test men when it is the men that they need for survival? 2000 years ago this behavior would have them beaten or stoned to death. The idea of women being able to test men while men are responsible for survival is ludicrous. It is the men who actually test women for...
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    "I Got A PHD"

    Women project everything. What they admire, they feel like they have to become. I’d rather be the guy with the degree, power, status, and feel like I can give her the world if she was worthy, this is the masculine imperative. The feminine imperative is she feels she can give all of her...
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    Do you agree with Tesla that humans are nothing more then advanced robots with no soul?

    I believe without self love and the WILL to transcend your current conditions, you are nothing more than an NPC (non playable character). I don’t think you are born with a soul. I believe you have to earn the right to be right to be soulful. To me it doesn’t matter if all of the us were...
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    Women arent happy

    Since when did thots deserve to be happy? High quality women are happy.
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    The worst advice to give to a man struggling with women

    As a 39 year old man, I can distill the entire game into “value” and “self love”. The more value I give to myself and the more I practice self love, the more money I make and the more b1tches I fvck. This is actually a universal principle, so I have no idea what principles most of you are...
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    Hot, Young But Damaged Girls!

    It just means that you are damaged yourself. You attract what you are. I’m sure you are old enough to realize this. If you don’t accept accountability for the women that you attract, you’ll never improve. You’ll always blame something “out there” for all your romance troubles.
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    Off My Chest: Old One-Itis Returned To Life, Third Wheeling? Now What?

    It doesn’t matter how man women you approach or “find”, you will never be able to attract women above your current value. The solution is always to add more value to yourself. If you are extremely high value, you’d end up doing very little “finding”. Women would find you.
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    Off My Chest: Old One-Itis Returned To Life, Third Wheeling? Now What?

    No, 100% of your efforts should be to make yourself into someone women want to be with. At your current condition, what kind of women do you think want to be with you? Are you at your best self?
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    Getting My First Sleeve Tattoo!

    My best tattoo is one where it was free handed and the artist took suggestions for me. Nothing comes close to a free handed tattoo by an actual artist and not someone tracing a stencil.
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    Off My Chest: Old One-Itis Returned To Life, Third Wheeling? Now What?

    One itis is still a thing in 2023? I can understand in the 90s and 2000s, attention wh0res were uncommon and you’d run into a beautiful chick here and there and develop one itis. But developing one itis in 2023? What are your standards, she only had 25 matches on tinder vs 100?
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    Comedian saves guy from being friendzoned by a whale

    I’ve been friendzoned by 5’s and have intimidated 8+. It’s about time men realize women date by types. Some like the bad boy type no matter how ugly or loserish or self destructive he is. We men need to stop projecting how we date to how women date.
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    Best sex iv'e ever had.

    There have been a few times I’ve had anal sex with a woman where a “pebble” would fall out. So be careful with that. You’re not having sex with a porn star that did an anal cleanse before a film shoot. You’re having sex with a chick who probably had some fire Mexican food for lunch.
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    True or False: Girls only sh*t test when they like you

    Women don’t **** test men. It’s a neg-hit. She views you as higher value and wants to knock you down a peg to get your attention/ reaction out of you because she doesn’t believe she could have gotten your attention by simply talking to you. Thinking women have some authority to “test” men is...