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    Being guilt shamed

    A friend of mine is in love with this woman neither have kids. He’s 36 she’s 34. He wants kids she wants kids they are trying He is having serious depression issues and his doctor put him on an ssri. She doesn’t want him to go on it because of the side effects the main one being that it’s...
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    For the more, um, Mature among us...the dreaded ED!

    I had ED for a while when I was younger. From too much masterbation. When you are chocking our **** with your hand, it's hard to stay hard when you are inside a woman, your body gets used to the same pressure.
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    quick question: passing a drug test

    also would help if you could eat something with a bunch of greese like a cheesebuger, to help turn the pee yellower, but the b12 vitimans will do the trick if taken in time
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    quick question: passing a drug test

    2 hours before the drug test get a 32 oz cup fill it with water drink the entire cup every 15 mins 1 hour before the drug test take 2 advil pills and 2 b12 vitimans. this will **** wtih the test strips for some odd reason, and it will turn the now clear white pee, yellow again at teh 1...
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    Cheated on girlfriend, but want her back. What to do?

    about a year ago i cheated on my wife, **** i moved in with another woman. I realized I made a big mistake and made up with my wife and our relationship is better than ever. sometimes you got to lose what you have, to realize what you had. It doesnt' make you a bad person. We're human, we...
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    Is a mobile app necessary for business?

    depends on the business, but no not really. we build mobile apps, and i would say probably half of them aren't necessary. If you have a website that is mobile responsive, there is no need to have an application, that does the same thing Price will be determined by rather or not it's for...
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    Hot Homeless Girl Propositions Me

    Homeless xiny means u don't have a permanent place to live U think a hb6 that sucks **** has a problem putting a roof over her head I don't know what to tell u Lot of hot girls that do dope live in hotels they homeless when they don't pay r The bill by 11 the next day That girl in that pic...
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    Hot Homeless Girl Propositions Me

    My father, being the player that he was, never messed with a broke itch. He told me one day, when I was younger... If a woman can't take care of her damn self, how the **** is she going to take care of you ? She can't take care of her Own damn needs, how is she going to please yours...
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    Hot Homeless Girl Propositions Me

    And no you weren't going to ****. she was going to get you to do some dope, you would forget about sex, then she would fineesse the **** out of you for all your money. Girls don't have to rob anyone. Guys give the **** away.
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    Hot Homeless Girl Propositions Me

    homeless women can be hot. being broke has nothing to do with how hot you are. http://prntscr.com/krxdrh i know the girl in this photo (very lol) personally lol. she's a dime, the only girl I know taller than my wife she's 6'1 and nothing but legs. very pretty. she's also homeless. hot...
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    So I got into it with my wife's friend, help settle this

    So one of my wife's friends, dumped this guy who she really kinda liked, after knowing him for about 2 weeks or so, because he's "a player" . he admitted, he dated...3... girls, since the beginning of 2017. And one of those 3, died in a car accident. She claimed she hasn't dated anyone...
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    LTR Screening: What's your top 5?

    met my wife about 2 months fresh off the boat lol
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    LTR Screening: What's your top 5?

    we're good. things are back to normal, at least my normal. I got an 11 year old and a 3 year old man lol.
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    How to get a programming/developer job without a degree

    Node is in higher demand, but you want to hit the sweet spot. PHP was in higher demand 5 years ago but becuase it was in such high demand, everyone programmed in PHP. the trick is, to find a language that is not obescure to the point no one ever uses it, but obscure enough to where you can't...
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    Corey Wayne - When an ex reaches back out

    you guys have to understand. women have game too. most have more than men. before all this ****. well not before all this ****, but before i really let the **** on this site sucked in, and i've been here longer than everyone in this thread, i had this girl. io was making real money and she...
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    Corey Wayne - When an ex reaches back out

    epiphiny time if i treat a woman like ****, and hey, i'm not a saint. it's because i don't ****ing like them the the **** would you deal with someone you don't like all roads lead to demascus young man
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    Corey Wayne - When an ex reaches back out

    okay now i actually went back and read the OP the whole poitn of this is to weed women who do not deserve our time out. lif a woman says i dont want to ****ing see you anymore, they don't eserve our time. it doesn't get any simpler than that. all this guy is doing is basically telling you...
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    Corey Wayne - When an ex reaches back out

    it's almost like Lebron James, when he signs these one year contracts on a year by year basis. it keeps pressure on the front office to cater to his demands or else he can walk. By not committing fully you keep pressure on the woman to confirm
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    Corey Wayne - When an ex reaches back out

    . back in my younger days before my wife, i had met this girl when i first ame out here iw as head over heels for. even with spinning plates, i thought she was the one. smoke show, was into me, etc. turned out to be a narcissist/ i didn't know it at the time, but i quickly learned. nothing...