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  1. Wrenched

    Why do women get so offended...

    Don't forget.... you're not the only one whose playing the game. It's not like you're looking to marry her on the first date. Not a good idea to try discuss her finances upon first meeting
  2. Wrenched

    Why do women get so offended...

    Some people will get upset even if they don't have a lot if debt because the questions relating to finances can be seen as a personal one.
  3. Wrenched

    Hooked up with a Hot Girl a few weeks ago - Now Its Done!

    Nice guess but wrong....I don't wear contacts
  4. Wrenched

    Why do women get so offended...

    Maybe try the back door into finding the information. When she says "I just finished college" respond with "last day of school... paying student loans begins . Or "those student loan payments suck... hope you got some scholarships" You can get people to talk about things by manipulation...
  5. Wrenched

    Hooked up with a Hot Girl a few weeks ago - Now Its Done!

    I seen a few people give advice
  6. Wrenched

    Has anyone successfully macked while living in his car?

    If I was living in my car and hooking up was my priority then I need to reevaluate my decisions
  7. Wrenched

    300 Approaches = 1 Lay

    Didn't the guy from 40yr old virgin have a better average?
  8. Wrenched

    Girl on Tinder asked me my height

    A good line would be "never thought about my height much.... everyone looks up to me anyways"
  9. Wrenched

    American women suck

    I guess
  10. Wrenched

    American women suck

    It's no fun if it's easy
  11. Wrenched

    The Fat Guy's Guide to Getting Laid

    I was 320 at one point. I dropped down to 250 with P90X.
  12. Wrenched

    Hooked up with a Hot Girl a few weeks ago - Now Its Done!

    I had the same thing happen when a girl I knew wanted me as her fall back plan. I wished her luck and said that I wouldn't ask her to wait on me if I remained undecided so I had no choice but to move on and wished her well. We've gone out a few times since but nothing ever came out of it
  13. Wrenched

    **To all the Newbies, Heart Brokens and Hardcase Believers - Trust the Users Wisdom**

    I agree with 99% of it. I do see instances where people give bad advice here that can only make the situation worse. However, if a few people say the same thing there's a good chance it isn't bad advice
  14. Wrenched

    Spin plates for life?

    Marriage doesn't have to be a prison mindset. If a relationship of any type is built on honesty and status that way it can go for a long time. Too many people lie about so many things that keeps the relationship from ever being real to begin with. If you want to play .... just play and be...
  15. Wrenched

    After fifth date - she doesn’t want to get emotionally attached

    I misread what you said I thought you said stats
  16. Wrenched

    Wife left (3 month update)

    How long it takes depends on you. I was engaged in 2001 and she broke it off and refused to see me ever again. I got no explanation as to why and was devastated. I spent the next 10 years (yes I said 10) beating myself up thinking she would come back. It never happened. Finally one day I was...
  17. Wrenched

    After fifth date - she doesn’t want to get emotionally attached

    Just don't get lost in the stats.... then you'll become dependent on them and some women may surprise you.
  18. Wrenched

    Women are an experience not an objective

    It's like gorging on candy and ignoring oral hygiene. Your teeth will rot away. Enjoy the candy but take care of your teeth at the same time.
  19. Wrenched

    Threesome With My Current Plate

    Sounds like she's got to work out some issues. I personally try to avoid relationships with self destructive women