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  1. cola

    Getting models in rotation / social circle...

    Be good looking and rich.
  2. cola

    How do you date when you absolutely ****ing hate yourself?

    6 months of monk mode bro. 6 days a week in gym that’s weights and cardio each session Read a book a week Meditate You can masturbate but no porn. Minimal spending. Buy nothing but necessities which is really just food, gas money for work and housing. TV on weekends only. No hanging out with...
  3. cola

    7/10 I never get fully hard with wants me hella bad

    You should next her for not having an iPhone.
  4. cola

    What are some tips on opening successfully?

    Always looking for IOIs, but day game indirect, Night game direct. Day game (I’m not familiar with the area, do you know a good place to xxx) If unclear on IOIs you can definitely look for them now. Hair twirling, pruning, looking at you then down.. if no IOIs don’t continue. Night game...
  5. cola

    I'm struggling financially. Any tips?

    Bro, explain exactly what’s going on to the dates. You’d be shocked how compassionate some women can be with this. All women aren’t *******s.
  6. cola

    Dancing: Going from Zero to Stud

    I spend more time in clubs than I care to. If you can’t dance exceptionally well, don’t.
  7. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    Lol, what?! I see now you’re here to troll. I understand the assignment. To my blocklist you go. But you’re right I’ve internalized the good things about this community and discarded the bad I don’t really need to be on this platform anymore. I just pop in now and then to try to help.
  8. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    No offense that’s a lie. They are all equal slices of a pie. You can be a brilliant lawyer but if you’re short fat and sloppy looking your just not going to get a lot of women. Or the women you do get will be with you 100% for your money. You have to strive to be the total package.
  9. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    Perhaps aiming too high? I catch flack for it around here but a lot of guys could solve their problems by simply dating down. If you’re a 7 date 5-6s. If you’re a 10 date 8s. Etc etc. You’re just not going to consistently date bombshells with a average job, average face, average status, average...
  10. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    That’s probably true. Basic social skills help for sure. Once she’s attracted, stfu, get her alone and whip out your peterwhacker.
  11. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    You think so? Idk I feel like if you’re fit, dress well, and are confident & intelligent you would atleast occasionally find women who have the hots for you.
  12. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    I guess bro, if she finds you attractive you don’t have to follow any of these rules. You can make sexual comments, touch her as much as you want.. she’s basically gonna make it easy for you. I would say there are 4 levels of attraction -Not attracted(at this level anything you say sexual is...
  13. cola

    Do women recognize/know that Men has Game?

    No such thing as “game” its attraction. She’s either attracted to you or she’s not.
  14. cola

    Gym Pickups---A good small move to start

    I’m against gym pickups, unless you are getting strong undeniable IOIs. Gym, work & funerals are three places where you need to focus and not worry about p*ssy. Gains at the gym, lays at the bar after the gym.
  15. cola

    When a woman talks about one specific ex every date

    Once you have a conversation about red pill to a guy and you see he just can’t conceive it, just let it be. Be a good friend and be his dude date for a few weekends after she hurts him. All you can do.
  16. cola

    Why are men shamed for using escorts/hookers? Isnt that the ultimate dread if a guy has used them?

    You pay for it no matter what, directly or indirectly. Dates, gas, clothing for dates, time which is arguably more valuable than money. What’s the difference? If you are in a drought, why not pay for it? Because of the stigma? It’s only societal programming that makes you feel it’s so “taboo” to...
  17. cola

    Dont feel like dating anymore

    Yes, I’d be lying if I said height doesn’t limit your choices the same as being fat, race, acne .. we all have something that would disqualify us to a percentage of women. Where are you meeting your women?
  18. cola

    Supermarket Pickup

    I think situations like this are when it’s so priceless to know how to read IOIs (indicators of interest). This stops you from approaching women who aren’t interested and getting blown out. If you know how to read IOIs you can approach anywhere. The supermarket, bookstore, mall. Like in any...
  19. cola

    Dont feel like dating anymore

    You do know at 48 years old, assuming you are in good shape, took good care of yourself, stylish .. You are perfectly capable of dating women in their early 30s. Maybe even late 20s.