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    Don Juans Everywhere!

    USA / Colorado / Aurora / Denver / Cherry Creek High School
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    Public Service Announcement

    Know Thyself, Know the reasons for thy thoughts I've been on and off the forums, just from doing other research and beeing busy: reading books about LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS; books David Deangelo recomends; also, going over PSYCHOLOGY programs and books to see how people think; I've read a ton of...
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    I feel like killing myself.... i am stuck, confused and dont know what to do.. help

    onceor2ice@yahoo.com look to the light... send me an email, My forte is this type of thing keep cool
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    No Tell Tale Signs

    Hey bro, ..:: I didn't think about her just Playing the Role until you said it. You should test her first if you don't want to end the relaitonship. tease her about loosening up or not showing her emotions. She probably likes you so much she is just djing you as much as she knows...
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    Highschool DJ contact list ressurected

    KinoVibes - AIM Onceor2ice@yahoo.com - Email
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    Colorado Dj's Contact List

    Any Dj's in colorado?
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    Convincing a virgin

    Make HER want it. How do you make someone want something? think about this... Here are a few i have heard: Tell them they can't have it. Make it scarce/unique/superior. Make them work/beg for it. Prove that other people want it. Make it a challenge. Give value to it. Connect it to...
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    Convincing a virgin

    Anticipation! I have heard a great way to raise the bar quickly and easily from a newsletter i get... using ANTICIPATION. Take one step forward and one step backwards... hold her hand, let go hold her hand, then move towards her waist (don't make changes very obvious at first) hold around...
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    its screwed and unless you are gettin married to this girl then your relationship is screwed... slowly act more like a friend with her, and while you are doing this look for a new girl, go out do a lot of social things, and when the time is right, LJBF her and move on. i don't know if you have...
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    my friend is such an afc

    hey randomafc...you know who this is... lol What up? I don't know who your talking about... but wtf... I'd tell him exactly how you feel... i know most of your friends are cool, deff afc though...lol. anyways, if he is man enough then he will realize what's up and/or just deal with it... but...
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    The first time [sex related]

    girl on top? hey im still virgin too.. but i was wondering is it a good idea to let the girl get on top of you the first time to let her control how fast and how deep? jw....:confused:
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    Since you guys want to know some V-day gifts.. or Any-day Gifts! ORIGINAL

    I don't know where you live lil devon, so i don't know why you wern't informed, but in colorado every major mall i believe has one.:p i have never seen one in it's own store though....:cool:
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    Since you guys want to know some V-day gifts.. or Any-day Gifts! ORIGINAL

    If you guys didn't get it... I ment you take stuff from multipule cards in the store, not just one card. If you find the right things then you can come up with a pretty ****y/funny card to give to her. It's easy way to not get frustrated on what to say in a card... at least i used to... but now...
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    CaliforniaHotti, this chick is so funny, and ignorant. When i read everything she says, i just makes me laugh even more... this is the part i like: haha,... well... yea:D and then fukin, Dark Eternal: posting on how YOU "DIESEL," 'don't get women'.. or 'have women problems' haha and...
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    Since you guys want to know some V-day gifts.. or Any-day Gifts! ORIGINAL

    I have been reading a lot on: "what should I get my Girlfriend for V-day" Well, here is what I plan on getting my girlfriend, which is not to expensive, and I have never heard of anyone givin it before: 1.) Talk to her about her favorite colors, find out if she has a favorite stuffed...
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    Will pay $50 for your answer!

    Amazing what a little cash can do! Thx First i have to say Wow! This helped me a lot and I think this post should go into the bible under LTR's or something to that effect, here is why... I'm am into a deep relationship right now... 2 1/2 months... well I dont' know how deep but it is the...
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    Sending notes?

    if just friends then that sounds fine, but if you want a better freindship then walk up and tell her, don't send her a note.
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    When to make a move when you're with your girlfriend and watching a rental movie

    OK, i realised this was a rental movie thing... but if you want to make out with her then get a movie you KNOW will get her into the mood, and if possible, that the same 'mood' will contiue through the movie the whole time(in other words, do not pick a movie that is happy at the beginning, yet...
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    would you go out with someone of the opposite race?

    I love all races... women of any race can look hott at hell! But i guess you have to look at the majority of the women in that race. personaly i prefer hispanic/central american women. BUT i have yet to meet a really hott one with all the traits i want it her! now i just go out with whoever is...
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    Girl's dad

    if you can brag about your good qulities you think her dad would like. Usually i have better grades then all my girlfriends.. so i just bring it up when hey parents are around... it makes them trust you and think better of you. ...basically impress them as much you can, and make them think...