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    Who is considered an HB to you?

    Adriana Lima :D http://www.famousbabes.com/pics118/adrianaL/adrianaL306.jpg
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    Pros and Cons - Face Surgery

    Expensive. Most likely not covered by insurance. Painful. Months of bruises afterwards. A false sense of confidence.
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    Yoga has a girly image, but I guarantee you that it'll leave you crying the next morning. It has the added benefit of making you more flexible, which is a big help in lifting, and helps you avoid injury.
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    Female winking at a guy

    maybe it's not a wink...maybe she's choking back the vomit;) lol That being said, I have this eye twitch lately...I'll be stabding around, and suddenly my right eye starts twitching. So everyone, guys and girls, think I'm winking at them. Strange.
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    dancing with other guys

    You may want to change the subject to "SHE'S dancing with other guys" :-P
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    Your best bet is to get a good men's fashion magazine like Details or GQ, look through the ads, find a hairstyle you like, and then take the pic with you.
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    Up for a good laugh anyone?

    Dude, a tupperware party? That's beyond hilarious. I'm gonna try & remember that one.
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    Why would a guy give me his number?

    Ummm....was it a BUSINESS card? Was it given to you in a BUSINESS setting? Sounds like his request may have been BUSINESS related, Tiger.
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    I want an ironic trucker hat. One that says "trucker hats are dead" Too bad my head is too big to WEAR a hat...I just lookkinda odd with them on.
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    A Tip For Short Guys

    I have a BETTER tip for short guys...stop letting your height handicap you. I've NEVER met a girl, thought "wow, she's cute, she's smart, she's funny" and then "but she's 1.75 inches too short for me, I think I'll pass." So long as the rest is there, being an inch or two shorter than average...
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    possible to take too much whey or milk?

    I bought some cottage cheese last night (never really had it before, that I can remember), because everyone says you should eat a small bowl before bed, because of the protein. It was HORRID. Tasted like rotten milk, and had the consistency of lumpy vomit. I ended up throwing it out, but made a...
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    possible to take too much whey or milk?

    I'm actually just getting into clean eating and whatnot...it seems that whey is the easiest way to get my 180 (more or less) grams of protein daily. I'm thinking of a 40/40/20 deal, but when I track it on fitday.com, it seems the bulk of my calories still come from carbs, because my protein...
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    signs of high interest

    I'm of the school of thought that says that women are very much like men...so I'm going to say "asking a lot of questions." When you, a guy, aren't into a girl, you try to get her away from you. That involves short, frank answers, and not asking any questions unless you have to. If you're...
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    signs of high interest

    At the same time, some people are just touchy-feely. Especially if they feel secure around you, because you're a FRIEND. Not trying to rain on your parade, merely telling you to be careful about reading into things.
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    help me: only if your good with girls

    I'm with cloud on this one. Braces aren't your handicap, they're your excuse...not only for girls, but for life. They're your excuse not to be outgoing, social, and confident. And getting rid of the braces isn't gonna change that. All you'll do is replace the braces with some other flaw you...
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    new to running/jogging

    Jogging is definately better t han nothing, but if you're doing it to lose weight, I reccomend HIIT (High intensity interval training) You run full out, 100% for 30 seconds, and then 50 or 60% for 30 seconds, and repeat for 5 minutes, until you can build it up to 20 minutes of such. Do a...
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    The Ice Breaker Note

    At the end of my freshmen year of college, I passed out applications to date me. There were two camps of girls...ones who thought that I was a jerk for ever doing such a thing, and the ones who thought it was the funniest & most original thing they ever saw. I got more #'s than I could handle.
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    Need help getting started

    Johnstonefitness.com Check out the weight loss and bulking job that this guy did over the coarse of the last 14 months...it's unbelievable. He's not selling anything, like most sites are...he's just a guy who started his own daily fitness pic site and forum to inspire and encourage others...
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    Hows this for a meal??

    Sounds good to me, but it looks like you may be undereating. Also, if I remember correctly, beans are high GI carbs, which you want to stay away from, should that be the case. Plus. the sauce on baked beans is nothing but mollasses. I reccoment that EVERYONE join the general forum at...
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    Need some...Tips.

    Orrrr you could just not fight him.