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    Stealing a chick from an open relationship

    Lol. Same thing happened to me once. I had problems keeping it up. She replied to my texts for a bit then said she can't see me again and that was it. I was kind of expecting it so I want fully disappointed. Lol.
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    If she's an alcoholic or drug user...

    I don't do drugs or drink so I'm not looking for a girl that's into any of those two.
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    What's up with girls and yoga pants these days?

    I work in a mall and man, the amount of girls that walk through everyday in these ridiculous, sheer, see through, booty hugging black yoga pants is ridiculous. I'm not complaining though. I mean some of these girls, you can literally see their butts through them, I'm like why bother even wearing...
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    When you were 18

    I was deciding what college to get into.
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    Called her out on her Sh!t

    Wow. If I ever heard of a red pill woman, this is her right here. No emotion just pure logic. Wow. I am really impressed. Many men don't even have her level of emotional maturity. I would almost think that reply was typed by a man. OP, are you sure it wasn't her brother or cousin who sent that...
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    Feeling sorry about ex

    If you take her back, she'll know she can easily manipulate you in the future.
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    It seems like all that matters is whether the girl finds you attractive or not

    A lot of rich betas do that. It's called trophy wives. You'd also be surprised what the average beta put up with. Their reasoning is "As long as I have a 'chance' to f**k her pu$$y once a week, she can treat me however she wants".
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    Mind Screwed

    Why are you using office emails to flirt with a coworker? Tread lightly.
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    Stealing a chick from an open relationship

    Do you masturbate a lot? Your answer will tell you why you couldn't get it up.
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    women havbe so many options it is unreal: real case

    Because men throw themselves at any and every woman instead of having a modicum of self respect and restraint. More girls value themselves as a catch than most men hence the seeming power imbalance.
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    gone beta... need major help

    Don't they teach you guys in high school how to use paragraphs and capitalization and punctuation? Sheesh.
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    Is There a DONA JANE site?

    They don't gather like this and plan strategies. Most of what they do is entirely subconscious. It's just part of who they are. In fact, I think it is much better to observe a blue pill woman in the wild than to look for a red pill woman because you're 99.99999% more likely to come across a blue...
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    We live in a woman's world.

    I don't necessarily think the point of the post was lack of personal responsibility. Rather, it was about why American society is the feminist, matriarchal it has slowly evolved into. Men can improve all they want but if women remain don't improve and even keep regressing, they will just drag...
  14. D


    The fact that you're fully aware of your actions and what you did in the past is a very good first step. Autistic or not, you're not the first or last person to have gone through that beta experience of professing your undying love for "The One". I don't know much about dating with autism but...
  15. D

    Have I messed up a bit here?

    At this point, you should have said "We should meet up for drinks or coffee or bowling or whatever before that bug eats you all up then". Kind of weird how you just submitted to her here. All you did was come across as one of her typical beta orbiters. Should have said "I like my cover photo...
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    Strange how on Plenty-of-Fish, you can block...

    The worst is how women can block men but men can't block women. The site is run by militant femi-nazis.
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    Update on #1 plate who shows no initiative

    Maybe you are dealing with a red pill woman who is, like you, only interested in spinning plates. Perhaps she doesn't want a relationship besides a quick f*ck every now and then. Maybe she has a boyfriend and you're someone on the side. Who knows? I always believe in only acting towards the...
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    Anyone care to make a prediction?

    Whatever you do, don't listen to your friend. Sheesh, if I've ever seen a more terrible advice. This girl has clearly left you, why would you want to make her feel better by trying to contact her? There's nothing to analyze here. Just move on and forget about her. She's done. History. Finished...