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    How do I get my girlfriend to dress better?

    I have an amazing relationship - we are great together - and I'm having the best time of my life. One little problem. We are at different ends of the style spectrum. Don't get me wrong, she dresses alright, but she seems to be 1) lazy about her style 2) doesn't think it's important...
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    Need some expert opinions

    My friend three words: SHE IS MARRIED....You are a stooge for going for a piece of that...I bet she lied to you about the husband coming back...Have some balls and let this one go and your AFC suffering will discontinue. -sustainable007- I couldn't say it much better man...
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    Man this place attracts some wierdos don't you think?
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    3 possible lays this weekend all jumped out!

    Wow i've never seen the opportunity to next 3 people in one day as I do right now...there are plenty of asians in vancity for you to find...
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    Any tips on picking up girls online?

    I agree with Starman...treat them differently than any other guys...be totally ****y...if they don't like it, it means they don't have a sense of humour. I kinda like the internet, because it lets you get to know them before you get all caught up in her looks. Make sure you get their picture...
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    wack before a date?

    I agree with Tano - get her to wack you during the date...lol
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    Poor guy...he doesn't know what he's doing...SWF32 good luck with that..
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    big brother

    I agree that you should treat her like your little sister...except treat her like your little sister who lives in the Desert in Nigera...forget the girls who say that about you...better yet, get some macking skills so this doesn't happen.
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    Hottie at work

    Read the Bible man...it's a standard size pickup...Good Luck
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    When you ask a chick out for Thurs and she says call on that day

    First of all I wouldn't have let her off the phone the first time until I got a "Yes" for the date..however...don't call her on Thursday...instead call her next Tuesday and if she says "how come you didn't call.." just say, "oh I got busy and our plans weren't concrete...Then close her for the...
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    OMFingG Im not funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you aren't ****y enough..it has to flow...practice in your mirror and maybe that might help
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    Can't read the signals(mixed)?

    Hey Don Brazilian....WTF? does that mean?
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    Chicks dig scars...besides that work on your personality to create a warm welcoming atmosphere
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    Starting over after 2 years

    Yeah, the best way to ease the pain is to get some game and starting meeting new girls...and I agree with Clooney - You've got to cease all contact with her...read the DJ Bible, get Doc Loves System (my 2cents) and good luck man.
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    What The Fuk?!?!

    Just go with it...it's not like you are getting fitness advice in the wrong place...
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    suppose to call tonite - NEED HELP!

    Call her but don't ask her out (as already stated) - if you get a voicemail, hang up and don't leave one under any circumstances. Then call her next wednesday. If she doesn't give you a date at that time...next her.
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    Party and Phone Call

    Okay dude, she's only 16...if you hold out for the chance of a possibility in the future, you are going to have a nasty case of oneitus...I know I didn't really answer your question, but I think you should forget her.
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    Dress boots

    Those are gay...why don't you just wear a nice pair of dress shoes instead i.e. Bostonians or Browns?
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    Stirred Up The Hornet's Nest Over At Gp.com with my "Tips"

    that is some funny ****...make sure though, not to talk about this site over there, because then we'll be getting a bunch of lame-asses on this site. peace
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    Extreme Kino

    When you are drunk you don't have control...girls don't like guys who aren't in control. It may work sometimes, but I wouldn't reccomend keeping this practice up..