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    Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are no more

    I was waiting for this day, the moment I heard Pete got her initials and the kids initials tatted on his body. The moment I heard it all I thought was how his a prime example of a simp with tons of money and about to get wrecked by her. She really had no interest, guarantee. He’s not really a...
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    What books are mental toughness have you read lately that makes a difference

    Definitely agree. If you don’t embrace discomfort willingly, a man doesn’t embrace his masculinity neither does he grow. One book I recently got and have been reading is Miyamoto Musashi’s 5 Rings. Even though it’s written for Samurai, it has quotes and ideas I’d like to say can apply anywhere...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    These words couldn’t hold more truth than they already do. I foolishly pursued someone who already rejected me. Back then I was only a bit red pilled, but way more blue pilled. And I can’t even express how dumb it is to give a woman more chances if you think it’s going to work. It won’t. When...