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    As I Get older

    Western world problems. need a good hobby where younger girls will hang out that's aligned with your identity. Could also move to a country where 36 year olds go out with 22 year olds no problem. I think those are as far as choices go, unless you have a network to find recently single girls
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    What is this strange phenomenon? Girl looks completely different during sex.

    yeah well my next thought was "do i need to **** her 20 hours a day to get this girl to stay around?" It was so awesome. Makes it a bit awkward looking at the friend version.
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    What is this strange phenomenon? Girl looks completely different during sex.

    Im friends with a girl. Brown hair brown eyes. I see who she is facial features and some personality wise. So I thought. We start having sex and she is moaning very sweetly. Innocently even. Then I catch a sign of her face and I thought I'd gone crazy - it was a different person. Different...
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    Emotional Maturity

    Another great thread. As someone who's had a crazy ex recently - read this thread. TEST WOMEN for stability - are her parents together, how long were her LTR? Does she dress slutty going out? Does she crave attention of other men? What happens when she drinks? Most important - is she trying to...
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    Dudes that give themselves false excuses

    shooters shoot. when u know u shoot all the time you dont care about one specific shot.
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    How I did it.........

    this is one of the best posts on this forum. is it in the bible?
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    Afraid she'll leave me

    Just think this - you are the most important person in the relationship. Ok, now when you're doing something and you have a choice to do something else because of her, you should consider the above and decide what you'll do. Fvck it, live YOUR life.
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    Afraid she'll leave me

    Yeah you are forgetting that you are also CHECKING HER and HER actions, to see if what you think of her in this relationship. If a chick for example texts a guy non stop, a guy should think about that and consider it from a bigger perspective, then worry about what the content of the messages...
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    Famous women make up rationalizations about why they don't want kids

    Read and draw own conclusions. Chances are this is going to change you forever, and make you realize what needs to be done. http://thelastpsychiatrist.com/2013/05/dove.html
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    Women are like mirrors

    That's why its good to consider who's close to you. You gonna be a lot like them.
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    Need some advice here....

    At some point a man learns how to be around a woman he might like, and not try to have sex with her. The man who never learns not to try to have sex with a girl he might not even like, now that's a sad situation.
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    Need some advice here....

    and btw Howiestern is exactly right.... you came on too strong too soon, since AGAIN I'll point out that your experience is just club hoes. Real life has more shades of people homie. Read: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=42390
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    Decades of Experience All In One Post

    Looks is a start Personality Compatibility etc. He could have spent time with her, coworkers, friends, acquaintances..
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    I'm starting to fall apart

    Cheer up. This ****ty chapter is almost over. I wish you joy and excitement in your next one.
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    Famous women make up rationalizations about why they don't want kids

    http://mic.com/articles/112910/12-women-who-had-the-best-response-to-society-s-biggest-expectation I can buy some people having STRONG reasons not to have a kid, but I don't buy a lack of a strong reason as justification. \ pause. Fvck, I just fell for it. Guys, here is a brilliant...
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    Basketball Cardio

    ive seen it do nothing for many people who played almost daily.. its not good for cardio sorry. Also much better to workout before playing. Ive played for over 10 years now
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    What AFCs fail to understand about women

    was it any good?
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    Getting tired of this sh!t

    Second post that alludes to the real issue IMO. Op would be wise to listen to what this guy said above, and worry less about fancy shirts and low bodyfat. I remember when it happened to me - around 27 or so. I'd go to social gatherings, and suddenly all the stuff I've always done seemed way way...