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    Rock and a hard place

    Thanks for updating what happened at the party. I think you had a great time because you went in with the right mindset, winning attitude. You kept conversations lighthearted, focused on having fun, talking to a wide range of people, and just let things play out as they did. There wasn't...
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    Planning vacation to Europe, where to go?

    Thunder, I can't speak for Hungary or Austria, but I've explored Poland a bit. Krakow has a lot of history and would be a good choice. If you want to save on money for food, eat where the locals do. Milk bars. Bar mleczny in Polish. Most of them have excellent food, cafeteria style which is...
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    What would you do if money wasn't a concern?

    I would do a few things. 1) immediately quit my job. Not because I don't like it, I do, but it's dangerous. One of the most dangerous jobs actually, up there with fishing in alaska. I wouldn't want to take that risk anymore. 2) Take care of family first. 3) Start up my own business...
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    Officer Lefty Is Going Back on the Beat

    Congrats! Very inspirational, get out there and thump some skulls! :) Kidding, sort of. We live in a time where we definitely need more good ethical cops though. BTW, I was a cop for a short period of time years ago. I know how tough of a job it is, and wasn't for me personally, but...
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    Your job is killing your masculinity

    Have you thought about a career change? I can relate to your post. I have a business degree which I'm not even using anymore. I used to be corporate IT, but hated it. I found out I'm not one of the folks who can be happy sitting behind a desk all day. Now, I love my career. I work in...
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    I'm starting to fall apart

    As others have said, hang in there Des! It's easy to get overwhelmed sometimes, in all areas of life. What I do when that happens, is sit down and go over where I am right now. No more looking at things from the past. I am here, now, then I define where I want to go, what goals I want to...
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    Help, my penis won't fit in her. Serious question

    Don't give up hope. I think you can make this work. Here's what I did in the beginning, yes lots of foreplay, then when she's all heated up, guide her on top of you. Yes, let her climb on top. If you've got her worked up enough, she will be ready and with her on top, she can take in...
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    Trouble sleeping at night

    All good recommendations in this thread. For the past several months I've added iodine to my supplements. Since taking iodine, I've noticed actually a big health difference. More energy, and I sleep great. That really deep restful sleep, with very vivid dreams. Do your research on...
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    How to deal with a girl that is still hung up on her ex?

    This is a tough situation that I'm sure most of us come across some time in our lives. You basically only have 2 choices. Either be just a friend and be prepared to be an emotional tampon. Or, have sex with her but don't think anything more to it than that. You will never be able to...
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    Woman Griping about my Boots

    One way to find out. Tell her casually, no problem, I will wear something else. Then go out and buy the most obnoxious ugly boots you can find, and wear those to the party.
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    Do you have Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Take this short test to find out!

    Possibly, but not all. I scored a zero on this test, but do not consider myself an afc at all. I fell in the middle with a lot of these questions. The answers that appear to be narcissistic are concrete answers that, to me, are hard to be definitive about.
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    Tall women

    With long long legs. Met a new gal, she's taller than me. By 2 inches or so. Let me tell you, with those legs wrapped around me while having sex is nothing like I've ever experienced before. Imagine getting this leg massage while you are banging away, nothing short of amazing...
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    What's your favorite drink?

    You know, I used to be a big fan of Guinness, until I found out they use HFCS. If I want a stout now, I go with Murphys (no HFCS). I'm catholic Irish in part, so my ancestors would agree to that as well.
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    What's your favorite drink?

    I have a gravity fed water filtration system I use, and the water just tastes fantastic. That and coffee are what I drink for the most part. No sodas or juice for me. For alcohol, a good scotch is my favorite. I will also mix vodka with those carbonated naturally flavored water you can...
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    Anyone here take Xanax (legally lol)

    Backbreaker, why do you have anxiety and why do you think taking a drug will fix it? They want us all on drugs, big pharma is big business. I'd recommend finding an alternative solution. I'll be frank. If you can't deal with your problems, taking any drug, makes you a big god damn...
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    When to end a relationship

    She's flirting with other guys, yet you have not banged her in 3 weeks. Cut this one loose, that's my opinion. Just let your focus naturally swing towards other gals, gals you can and want to bang. It all works out.
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    Over 40's What do you do with your time off?

    I'm definitely a "time off" person. I work extremely hard for 7 days in a row, then I have 7 days off. Day for day schedule, and love it. What I do is slow the pace of life down, and just enjoy it. I am too a camper van/rv person, and have been taking quite a few trips. Nice setup there...
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    GF says my c0ck is too small

    This. :up: OP, your penis size is fine. Your gal just has a big vagina. For the record, I would say pretty much all men of normal size ranges have been in your shoes. I've had women from where I thought sex would be impossible (too large), all the way to where she was so loose I it...
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    Hate my degree, going back to school for IT. Advice?

    Jaylan, do you currently have a degree? If so, the advise about getting certs makes sense. If you don't have a degree, getting the degree, along with certs, would be the way to go. I have a business degree with information systems. I worked in IT for a few years. Now I am a boat...
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    Your thoughts on female pilots?

    To date a gal who's a pilot would be hot, imo. A sure guarantee to join the mile high club, that's for sure. :yes: