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    Why do I get along better with single moms?

    in general, they are too tired to play games, and are more then likely to be more grounded, also they tend to behave better since they need to fish someone fast, there is also the fact they are less in your radar so you treat then like someone random then a possible woman you want something...
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    Minimum Leg workout for Hypertrophy

    serious don't you guys have a personal trainer in the place you guys go to? always better ask if you are a newbie, with I also recommend if you are a newbie to go to a gym
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    Women think that jobs give your life meaning

    my experience as well, don't matter what she does, woman tend to think if they miss a day of work all is well, when I know full well if I miss a day I will have to do the work of the day I missed plus the normal workload, so I really can't do a call a day off or sick day, plus serious I can't...
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    Apparently I'm under silent treatment

    I would downgrade her, but that is me being a jacka$$ about it. if was me I would simple ignore her the whole weekend,and then see if she comes around, now if you really have time to spend go for friday thing and let her cool a little, but then get ready for the "feelings" she will pour on you...
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    40yo virgins, what's the plan?

    have a hobby you like to do who make you go outside, go to a gym and try to see what happens, any guy in your work you can make friends? you need to move and find people, also drop the whole "i'm looking a gf", try to have fun and then let it happen, chances are you will pass over a lot of...
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    article: Fed-up single woman, 32, furious over 'atrocious' dating scene: 'I get ghosted by so many men, do better!'

    i'm more surprised, anyone really would even giver her a chance before ghosting her
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    When did the Red Pill become such a joke

    do it on tweet and not here? I don't know why we should care about you or his opnion anyway, it matters little to none
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    Need some help here, I like her but tricky situation

    I say wait and see, the moment the whole thing is done is the moment you will see the truth. but then again, she have a BF I wouldn't make a move on that alone, if it was for fun you wouldn't make this post, so for now wait what she does
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    Are gyms really worth it?

    just find one gym close to your home and its cheap, normally the small timers have a better price and are smaller too, another reason is getting a certain plan, I pay anually on mine for 2 reasons, first is cheaper then paying monthly, sencond is since i'm already paid I force myself to go, they...
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    Having a woman you love and kids DOES matter

    if you belive that then why are you here? there is nothing here for you
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    Formerly hot harridan: 'I'm just grateful that someone wants to see my t*s!' Kelly Brook, 43, says she's flattered by demand for topless shots ...

    base of woman is complaining, they complain they get attention and then complain when they get none, just nod and smile and move on
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    Females are the foundation of a life well lived.

    by rule, any foundation should be you, putting your well being, happiness, expectation on others can bring crippling effects on your wellbeing, also from what you are saying you are young, extremely naive, and have too much to learn, question will be how well you will take it, but hey if you are...
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    What are some props you men have that are meant for women to comment on, and does it work?

    I really think you guys are doing this wrong, is not you who have to prove to then, its then who have to prove they deserve be around you, till you guys learn this you WILL fail
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    I would never split the bill on a date even though people say I'm a gold digger

    I agree, she shouldn't split the bill, she should just pay it, the guy need a break after dealing with her for a couple of hours
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    Would you eject a cold approach with this girl?

    would do what I do with anyone asking questions, answer and be on my way, I don't really would even notice her existence, hell I even toss jokes with people I don't know, get some laughts and be on my way, I certainly wouldn't waste time thinking in every single thing I do in a day, such a waste...
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    Would you eject a cold approach with this girl?

    yes because these are never staged, don't trust everything you read or see on internet, I find really hard to belive anyone would aproach her that fast, with or without the sunglasses
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    Would you eject a cold approach with this girl?

    I wouldn't aproach even with a paper bag in her head
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    Why I think men struggle with women in modern dating today

    or I don't know, there is really no woman worth enough to settle down, most are just for fun and then to be tossed, the issue is most guys still dream about marriage and the whole white fence
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    My arms ain't growin

    best way, is still working on then, you can do one more rep, add a whole series in another day for the muscle you think are not growing, but you also need to rest a little, if you are eating right and doing the whole thing right, I think you should add some reps in another day, asking a personal...
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    video: Online dating ... Normie's nightmare

    I look at that pick I see 2 guys I don't see any woman, that is how I rate "her", also its a waste of time complaining about it