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    Women can't love men, they can only respect

    I think you hit on something. And why would you want it to be different? You just be the one to leave the ***** before she leaves you. And while you're with her, don't let her be your only *****. Women use men for their purposes. Don't be bullied into not using women for yours.
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    Women cannot handle the truth...

    By the third minute she wanted to **** him.
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    Get told to not be a *****.. but whenever I stop being a *****, I get shot back down. What do you people expect?

    It's always been that way. But, you don't necessarily have to put yourself at risk legally in order to defend your boundaries. Be creative and learn to lay traps for the over agressive or the cowardly. They are usually one and the same. Bait them into being the aggressor so that you get to play...
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    High testosterone = angrily sad?

    Are you for real?? Does your **** get hard when you see one of the few ****able women who are left in America? If it does, your testosterone is plenty high. And why do you care if you're perceived as being confident in some warm, upbeat way? Quit listening to women and BE confident by...
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    Young Single Men SIGNIFICANTLY Outnumber Women

    This is all bull****. There are slightly more females born than males. in fact, basic human biology shows that ALL human fetuses begin their existance as female, then at a certain stage, a lucky few get to morph into males. Young men need to quit seeing themselves as helpless victims of...
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    I'm having trouble understanding how the idea of "not explaining yourself to anybody" works in reality.

    Take it farther. Insted of projecting confidence, actually be confident. Confidence comes from coping with obstacles and adversity. Find obstacles to overcome and adversity to cope with and you won't care about bull**** from others. To get on the fast track, apply to work as a CO in the oldest...
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    Working with women

    You don't have to kiss their asses. Treat them like the adults they claim to be. Your organization has policies. "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist."--Pablo Picasso
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    Not sexually interested in current LTR

    If you don't want to **** her, what use is she to you?? Sex is what makes relationships possible. The fact that you've already been replaced by a goddamned juvenile dog should be a clue.
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    Anyone scared to get old?

    I'm 59. Some of you sound like bitches. Don't be such bitches. Exercise daily, yoga and cardio are great for any age. They will keep you strong, fit, balanced and flexible. And yoga classes are great for getting female attention. Those bitches will lust after you, even bitches in their 20s if...
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    Rick Tellin' It...

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    Military service

    I spent 8 years in the Army, 1986 to 1994. The Army isn't what it once was. It's become a social program. And they've been tearing down the Marine Corps too. If I were young, and were looking for what you seek, here's where I would look. https://en.legion-recrute.com/
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    The "You will die as a lonely, sad, old man!" argument.

    Say to them, "That's my problem. Don't you fret about it. Or, "I'm finding myself."
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    How to defend a redpill relationship from blupill and feminists?

    They're all *****s and jealous of each other.
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    How to defend a redpill relationship from blupill and feminists?

    Screw your situation up so that they can have sex with you.
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    How to defend a redpill relationship from blupill and feminists?

    That's her problem because her feminists friends will all be trying to **** you.
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    How to defend a redpill relationship from blupill and feminists?

    Red Pill men do only care about themselves. That's what makes pussies wet. Don't care what any of them think. Don't be weak.
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    How do you test women?

    You are direct and make her understand early on exactly what you expect. If she's non-compliant, she failed the test and is free to make some supplicating loser as miserable as she is. Remember, it's just greasy, smelly *****. That's all it is.
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    Do crazy girls get worse with age?

    They are all crazy and it gets worse with age without exception.