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    She got back in touch a few months later and weve just spent a month together in Thailand and Vietnam ‘catching up’
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    fair comment, although in this instance it’s interaction interrupted rather than not striking - lesson learned about talking past ‚The ’is better go home comment’ - i Feel The interest is still high enough to heat up again
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    Hey SW15 - she’s actually 38 - exams finish 12th June I think. 2nd date she told me how stressed she was (sleepness nights) - that and switch from very on to cooling down due to my work distraction not great indicators - will suggest a de-stress massage next week and then pass if not positive...
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    Hi all 3rd date - back to my house after park walk - lots of touching, grabbing etc her saying can’t believe I’ve met you - had to log on for some work - kept coming over getting close - I picked her up, lifted her onto sofa then getting heavy - had to go back to work. Cooled a bit but then...
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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    A bit of pushback on this - I had this ‘i need some space’ recording played to me once - few errors, then stood back for a couple of months - we then spent the next 6 years together, before we both moved on (and still close now even though both in new relationships)
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    Requested more contact

    All sorted - spent last night together and my phone being blown up
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    Concept of wavelength

    Taking this to a slightly more metaphysical level - I’ve today had the daughter of an ex girlfriend from 10 years ago (The daughter would be about 26 now) reach out to me on Facebook to ‘see how I’m doing’ (she moved back to Myanmar last year) had a small exchange - this was not about her mother..
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    Requested more contact

    Had a date 3 days ago - went well, ended up kissing deeply in the bar we outsid afterwards. Texted day after - 1 More text exchange since -Got a text today about how sexually attacted and connected to me she is but is upset I didn’t twxt how are you etc (we’ve had 1 date!) - we’re meeting...
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    Concept of wavelength

    Because I’ve recently returned to casual dating (and responding to a Long brewing but ultimately recent low interest rejection) I’ve listened to a couple of Confidence and relaxation hypnosis recordings over the last month and studied a bit about calmness and wavelength (Recent Stormrider thread...
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    Sexual tension with recently married woman

    So update on this long running story - she’s recently separated from her husband (he’s stayed in Portugal) she in London - she told me Last week so we arranged to meet today - met up for ****tail making session, we luckily had a place to ourselves so good to talk (she told me she’s having...
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    UK Prime Minister - he’s impregnated another woman

    question to perusers of SoSuave - the UK prime minister Boris Johnson has just simultaneously announced he’s engaged and his fiancee is pregnant - this will be his 3rd marriage and estimated to be his 7th or 8th child (information not fully publically available) - he won the election late last...
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    Girlfriend started on annoying shyt tests.

    This post perfectly crystallises the dynamics of polarised relationships in 1000 words or less - A+
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    Sexual tension with recently married woman

    Thanks for all the feedback - the grand full spectrum I wanted - both in work today after Christmas break and she’s brought back from Portugal some food for me that we’ve talked about before (a ‘quid pro quo’ for something she asked from me) - ie it is still ticking over and still there - didn’t...
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    there’s a concept in the UK about fishing for girls (also a dating app term for casting out bland messages far and wide and seeing who bites) there’s a plethora of approach systems, style guides, ‘hook and bait’ techniques, PUA processes etc that look to arm you with the best fibre glass rods...
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    Sexual tension with recently married woman

    Thanks for the feedback - the work dynamic will change in less than 6 months and I’ve had a sussessful work relationship in the past - as you say the key point is the married element and as she is hesitating I’ll do as stated above and call the flirting out and back off.
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    Sexual tension with recently married woman

    Getting shot - this is leafy North London
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    Sexual tension with recently married woman

    Appreciate your feedback black widow - have thought about the wider implications re; work/relationship dynamic - this has been going on quite a few months and I feel it needs to be called out and I will take the lead and state that I respect your decision re marriage have no interest in breaking...
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    Sexual tension with recently married woman

    Short version I’m in relationship 2.5 years - (I’m 46) - she married 6 months ago (35) - power dynamic I lead on projects she works on - she’s nerdy, beautiful data analyst. Constant, active flirting (including sexual talk - see hot flushes, nervousness etc) - hot and cold - people comment on...
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    Flaking low level interest

    my last 2 set up dates both flaked in the same way - date and time confirmed 2/3 days before date - 1 was a first date, 2nd was a 3rd Date (at my house) - both times after 20 minutes of no show I ring them and they both say they were waiting for the time to be confirmed!!! - accept its low...
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    Got Flaked on Tonight

    Can relate - had a lunch date at my house set up today - sent time and date - got sounds great and some in joke stuff about revealing. This was 3 days ago - she didn't turn up - rang and said she was waiting for me to confirm the time! argh - there's flaking and then there's simply low level...