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    Hottest woman in the world

    Im with Social Engineering here. I've had seen way more attractive women in real life and online, period. WHAT THE HELL is this thread doing here anyway? It belongs to the anything else forum or the "post girls that you find attractive here" thread. If you are so infatuated with her look, why...
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    ok studofnorway og cfajason, det kommer til å bli en klassefest til fredag på Ullevål studenthjemmet. Min klassens fest :P Jeg har invitert cfajason, og prøver å få med deg også studofnorway. Det er bare det at, jeg har allerede et super bra mål til cfajason, 3 stykker er mine mål, 4 har typer...
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    squyerkul2@hotmail.com :D go go go gutta! La oss samarbeider og vis disse kjerringene hva en ekte mann er. The sosuave.com way :D And BTW people, norwegian girls are just like any other girls, its just that they have the good look factor added...
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    Headgear that you use for bad hair days.

    When you just want to cover your head and hair, what kind of headwear do you use? I would imagine caps, but if not what kind, and which color/size? And if its not to cover your hear, but maybe because its winter and cold so you need to warm your head, or just because it looks nice on your...
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    Nature of GOD and its relationship to DJing

    To me after reading all of the replies, I've learned one thing which I already knew: Extreme is bad. One has to be flexible and adaptive, like you don't go walk into a Muslim mosque screaming "My friends, Jesus will salvate you all!", or walk into a church screaming "Jesus is a fraud!" I...
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    Extremisim ... :(

    Im not talking indecently...Maybe its tabu for you to say "penis" i dont know. But thats my thought, my serious thought on the subject, take it or leave it. Just think about it, maybe some scientist has to do some study with biology in mind about this subject.
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    Any tips for talking to a crowd of people? (nervousness)

    Any size of crowd, from 5 to 500 people. What is the secret of the public speakers?
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    Extremisim ... :(

    I think the answer is very simple, it lies in our crotch...the penis. It has power...great power, and some males might had abused that Godsent power.
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    funny picture, fat guy hot girl.

    http://www.kontrabandcontent.co.uk/1/graphics/pics/rich_guy_poor_guy1.jpg Just another proof, money or pickup skill (most likely money in this case) will get you the girl.
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    Is that true that girls on the rebound are generally easier to pick up?

    as if they are more receptive to you, or am i wrong?
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    help on bra size, 36-B, and C

    ok so how big (or small) is 36-B, and C? And is A bigger than B? Is 36 bigger than 38? thanx, and what is your favorite size ^^
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    you are now known as a womanizer...

    Ok I'm asking how you would handle these 2 scenarios: 1. You successfully picked up a nice girl, spend few days with her. And really likes her, but this girl is the shy type not very aggressive when it comes to the physical parts, like kissing and heavier stuff. Problem is, when she asked...
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    New Jokes Thread

    http://www.sterilecreed.com/weather/ About the hurricanes and storms lately
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    How to say, "sweetie we have come to end of the line. it's over"?

    Nothing is wrong, noone had cheated on the other, or anything like that. It's just that the feeling isn't there anymore, and I feel we're too different. So, I need help on this, since she lived way to far away from me. I would have to do this on the phone or email, or IM/messenger. Maybe...
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    New Jokes Thread

    Two guys hunting in a forest. Then they came across some track. The other said, "look there is some bear track" - "no fool, that's moose track" - "No no just look, you dumbass, its clearly a bear" - "no its not" And so they stood there and fight over what who the track really belong to...
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    Post your picture ONLY

    another new picture, taken in the weekend. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/gSQUYrb/IMG_11091.jpg i'm the asian guy btw.
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    Does your girl freak out when...?

    ok, so obviously it wasn't smart but wow, I can't recall last time I got flamed this badly...
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    Ex-PUA reveals...

    I love this post! The amount of people, or rather players who are only out to get laid on this site is getting alarming high, and I don't like that. To me this isn't a get laid-only-site! Back when I joined this site was about rediscovering the man inside you, and then help you to improve...
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    Does your girl freak out when...?

    Does your girl freak out when you tell her in the middle of a conversation that you still miss and think about your old gf? Then she started to have a breakdown and crying, and insisting that she can't accept that, told me that she never expected this from me and suggested we take a break...
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    Post your picture ONLY

    New picture, at another wedding. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v173/gSQUYrb/b15.jpg