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  1. J

    now the problem lies here... my girlfriend wants to go out every day with me ....

    I made the same mistake with my last girlfriend. Simply make plans with friends and follow through with them, even if it pisses her off. You need no excuses! If she's mad at you, that's perfectly fine: my last gf would get a little jealous at this normally and be all over me first chance she...
  2. J

    Would not having breakfast have an effect on weight loss?

    Yes, breakfast IS essential! As stated above, you have not eaten in hours and hours and your body wants something in it. It is the most important meal of the day.
  3. J

    Weight gain time frame...

    A couple things. First off, you don't want to gain too much too quickly, it's unhealthy. Second, you're a small guy and you won't be gaining size quickly since you're not built that way. Third, patience is a virtue, it's a beautiful thing, and I wish we all had a little more of it (myself...
  4. J

    Nail Biting

    Pick at your earwax constantly. That flavor isn't so tasty.
  5. J

    YOUR type of HUMOR: If it doesn't MATCH hers.

    I enjoy conceptual as well. I don't know how rare the storyteller really is since I'm definitely one. Really, if you don't click with a girl then what's the point? At the simplest level of creating any sort of relationship with someone there has to be some sort of connection and sense of...
  6. J

    Right arm vs Left Arm?

    Best thing to do if you want them closer to the same size is keep the weight exactly the same for all one-armed exercises. As long as it's not freakish looking there really is nothing to worry about, of course.
  7. J

    Better Bachelor Pad Part 2 - The Lounge

    I'll be living off campus next year, some of your suggestions from both posts so far are subtle but perfect. Good stuff, keep it coming.
  8. J

    How do I get a religous girl? experts

    Be yourself and don't care if you get her or not. Is there nothing you have learned, boy? You're pulling yourself out of the idea that YOU are the catch and placed her on the pedestal, she is now the goal.
  9. J


    I have American Source protein whey. Reason is there's an extra pound of it for the same price. None of the stuff tastes great, but none of it tastes that bad.
  10. J


    I read a scientific study that showed that people who slept more than 6 hours a night regularly lived 50% longer in general. That's quite a difference. We're talking living 50-60 years vs living 75+.
  11. J

    Xenadrine EFX

    I currently use it and my roomie used to use it. Both of us are happy with the results from the drug. Either way, a good diet and workout are essential, so don't stray from that.
  12. J

    Best time to take WHEY PROTEIN

    The reason to take it right after a workout is because your body NEEDS protein.
  13. J

    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    Let's go back to the days of high school for this one, with a little history. When I entered 8th grade they moved us to a brand-new Jr High. Along with this we became a regional Jr High, just like the high school. There was this one girl, Kate, I had such a thing for her back in those days...
  14. J

    Sleep 13 hours a day but still tired

    When you fall asleep you create those chemicals that keep you asleep. Thing is, if you sleep much more than eight hours you tend to create an excess of those chemicals which makes you feel tired. Sleep properly for just a few nights in a row and you should feel the difference.
  15. J

    WHY, and How often u should change your routine?

    Wheelin is right. Every THREE weeks you should change your workout. Your body will never adapt to a workout if you do this, thus it will keep adjusting and improving naturally.
  16. J

    burned out, how to keep losing weight?

    I personally think part of your problem is your lack of muscle workouts. Metabolism runs off of a few things. More muscle means a faster metabolism. Eating every 2-3 hours (half meals, more or less) also means a faster metabolism. The main thing with keeping your metabolism going is that you...
  17. J

    What is a balanced and healthy diet??

    It should also be to the benefit of this entire board that people stop asking the same questions. Seriously, with the amount of time people spend typing their question and then reading the replies later they could have easily done a search and gotten the same answer quicker along with there...
  18. J

    Feeling dizzy during workout...Sign of bad shape???

    Considering the number of posts that have been made about eating right and dieting, nevermind just those recently, either both of us failed to answer his question or we both did so. The only difference is I spoke of more than just a proper diet. I personally have felt similar to this, but only...
  19. J

    How many push ups can you guys do?

    Pushups aren't a workout! You need to actually build those muscles up through weight training to get results.
  20. J

    Feeling dizzy during workout...Sign of bad shape???

    Working out in a sense is a lifestyle. You need to eat right. You need to push the limits but not go overboard. And right now you need to break back into the habit. The first two weeks normally result in muscle aches and a conversion back into the working out lifestyle. The other thing I...